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Homunculus Again

This time in Mississippi. The laws attempted by State Senator Bobby Franklin of Georgia would have made even wearing a condom into Capital Murder, and would place burden of proof that a woman wasn’t using contraception including the Infamous Trojan, squarely on that woman.
Now Mississippi citizens are displaying a similar level of ignorance with a similar quagmire (or is it tar baby?) of a law. If a woman who is married or known by the community to be sexually active, and not bearing children, would have to prove to the courts that she wasn’t practicing contraception.
Mississippi is right behind Texas in the percentage of people getting food assistance and AFDC. Just, you know, incidentally and by the way. And is scheduling cuts in public health care, so women would have to prove they’re not deliberately remaining childless at their own expense.
It’s just so very wonderful to see my fellow “christians” behaving with so much compassion.
It would if strictly enforced make War illegal because War Causes Miscarriage which is medically termed Spontaneous Abortion. However, an Aerial Bombardment would make in NOT spontaneous but externally induced, and since the U.S. Air Force and the RAF demonstrated that in world war two it would lend whole new depth to the term Babykillers being used against the War Pigs. That’s the GOOD news and about the only good news available in the whole mess.

The Bad News is the War Pigs, once they have a country “pacified” would merely condemn any civilians who “chose” to be born in a potential war-zone, as in: any place in the world which has oil… and say that it’s the mothers’ faults for living in a place the Air Force wanted to bomb.

Georgia Lawmaker Bobby Franklin: Homunculus Ignoramus

A state legislator in Georgia drafted a bill that would make every single form of contraception into Capital Murder. In the bill he not only categorized abortion as illegal, but also made it where people (Women ARE people) who have miscarriages, medical term being “spontaneous abortion” would have to prove that they did absolutely nothing to cause the miscarriage. Then it defined giving full citizenship not only to ferti8lized eggs but also to Sperm itself. The Term Ignoramus isn’t what most Americans think. It’s a Latin verb using the “editorial” or “royal” pronoun WE. Ignoramus means “We Ignore It”.

There’s another term there, Homunculus which is a pre-scientific mythological construct. It refers to the notion that in a mans “seed” in reference to sperm, the “seed” is a spiritual being that is the fully formed human soul ready to be inserted into the woman, who has no effect whatsoever on the genetic makeup of the child. She’s just the unclean vessel to carry the “seed” while it grows.

But hindering a Homunculus from being inserted into the womans “vessel” is also Capital Murder.

In a state where they want to allow schoolchildren to carry guns and murder other schoolchildren, this Jackass Bobby Franklin is actually proposing that the State be allowed to kill anybody who uses a condom.

We can not Ignore It.

They also conveniently don’t propose prosecuting George W Bush for ordering the aerial bombardment of Iraq even though it’s known, and documented by the U.S. Air Force, to cause miscarriages.

“Right to life” but only until you exit the birth canal, and of course if your not some Dark-skinned person whose nation WE decided doesn’t have human inhabitants. Just sand-niggers, muzzle-monkeys, Towel-heads and Wogs.