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Right Wing “News” report at Channel 5 downing Health Care

Said that the people WITH Health Care outnumber those without, therefore,The American People don’t care.
Meaning his Republican/Tea Party Propaganda Masters at “freedom” communications corp. and his Fascist Ass don’t give a DAMN about Americans who are DYING from lack of available health care.
It’s the puke with the Marine Corps haircut. The literally God Damn tea-party so-called “Patriots” like him are too Cowardly to tell somebody to his or her face that he or she doesn’t deserve to live And that’s the REAL Issue. The Coward Pukes want Americans to DIE They’re led by pukes like Glenn Beck, chickenhawk supreme, who has said that America needs to be massively attacked by Terrorists so HIS Masters in the Slimey Bush Ex-administration can get back into power.

That’s the type of Cowards who lead them, who they look up to, respect, honor…
So that’s the kind of Slime the Tea Party is.