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Why “conservatives” shouldn’t be called Conservative, and true definition of insanity

For one…. They conserve abso-damn-lutely NOTHING.
Not money, not the resources belonging to America as in ALL Americans, resources belonging to Other Countries, the lives of Soldiers or the lives of Workers, NADA. “Social Conservative” preserving what values exactly? Manifest Destiny, the belief that White English language, custom and RACE are  granted by God Himself the title of New Jerusalem and the right to social and economic domination of the entire World?

It’s what “our” soldiers are fighting for, have been for 400 years now. The wars they Get Other People To Fight For Them, like the Indian Wars which secured the fortune of our Local Elitists, fought by other Americans AGAINST yet other Americans for their freedom to sell land, a commodity which they did not create but “own” based on the bloody slaughter of Other Americans.

Same with the oil. Same with the Gold. Same with every resource including Slave Labor for their Corporate Masters. They themselves produce NOTHING and “conserve” nothing.

That piece to the side is a spoof of Sarah Palin’s website. A very good one too, I think the average TeaBag would have difficulty recognizing the difference. The one where she advocated the violent elimination of Human Beings who opposed her Manifest Destiny. The one she denies was a trigger for her Unguided Missile Extremist Shooter Jared Loughner in Tucson early this year. She knows and endorses the doctrine that Extremist Speech is a punishable offense, she endorses the BushBama policy of targeting preachers who speak against the Empire. Just not against Extremists like herself, Pat Robertson, Colorado Springs Christian Schools, AIPAC, the Likud Party, Fox News, or other HATE spewing organizations or individuals…

Just Muslim preachers. And of course non-hate-speech persons like the 6 people she literally ordered MURDERED in Tucson out of 19 shot. Because any American who speaks against her Hatred is of course not a “Real American”

Her Accomplice in these murders and other violent assaults, Jared Loughner, was found not fit to stand trial by reason of insanity. Funny thing, the definition of insanity as applied by the Legal System. It’s not that platitude often cited that trying to accomplish something when your method failed before being “the definition of insanity”. Like say, Sarah Palin Bush Obama et al using the same techniques against Afghanistan and Iraq as were used against VietNam with the same results. “Gee, maybe being oppressive Nazi Bastards in Nam wasn’t the right course, maybe we should have been MORE OPPRESSIVE, yeah, that’s the ticket. Double or triple the number of Bombings, Tortures, Murders and other War Crimes”

No, what makes somebody legally insane is his lawyer has to prove that he Doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy AND (not “or”, it has to be both) doesn’t know the difference between Right and Wrong. Usually to get off on the Insanity Defense you have to be rich and have powerful lawyers.

In the case of Loughner, he has the backing of the Tucson Cops and Judiciary. How better to explain it? More to the point, by not having a public trial where he would be presumably allowed to take the stand and make statements embarrassing to the Racists who make up the Arizona Constabulary, Judiciary and other Establishment types, and of course the National Right To Racism Koalition starring Mrs Todd Palin and his husband Sarah.

Why I write about this seemingly, according to the Right Wing Corporate Press, meaningless series of events is that the Palin family are currently on a “vacation” bus tour being touted as “not really a run up to a run for president”. Mostly because if she were to actually announce candidacy she’d theoretically have to give up her (sitting in front of cameras lying) job for Corporate Right Wing Media Giant “Fox News” who are paying her millions for her “vacation” time but allegedly that’s not campaign expenses or contributions.
AND, there are enough Right Wing Retards here in Colorado Springs who eat that shit up with a spoon and call it delicious.

Our City Council for instance. The CS and National Chambers of Commerce who endorsed and funded their campaigns and (including the very large monetary donations from foreign governments) Sarahs campaigns.

So she’s likely to swing through here, preaching her messages of Hate and Killing and being swooned over by the Right Wing Religious Extremists who are probably fostering the next Jared Loughner.

The original Jared Loughner will undoubtedly be Put to death in custody errrr… “die while struggling against being restrained, for His Own Good, by the good and gentle sadistic Pigs Mental Health Workers at the Torture PrisonHospital” far from any eyes that would be trusted as witnesses by the Good People who are brainwashed by the Corporate Media.

Oh, they do “conserve” on thing… their stranglehold on power over other people using Extremists like Palin and Loughner as the pathetic puppets they truly are.

AP says “In face of Federal inaction on Immigration”…

Way to slant a headline! “State initiatives to stem immigration fizzle in the face of Federal inaction.” How about reporting it like this?
“Racist State Legislators, in the face of opposition from Mainstream Americans, who would be the REAL targets of their Racial Profiling initiatives, even with massive funding from Nazi organizations like News Corp and Freedom Corporation (Channel 5 news, the Gazette…) and their Corporate Overlords, despite Nazi-Klan related heavily subsidized “grass roots” organizations such as the TeaParty and Minutemen, with all that expensive and highly organized firepower, still failed to force their Racist Agenda on the states the same way they FAILED to do so on the Federal Government” Oooh, I bet that stings. When you call yourselves non-racist but want to profile people, most of whom are United States Citizens, based on their appearance of belonging to heavily stereotyped and demonized ethnic, social or religious groups?

You can say all you wish, Michelle Malkin, Sheriff Joe, Tancredo, Palin, Jan Brewer, all y’all Racist Freaks, that you don’t racially profile people, but when you’re trying to push that outrageous lie on any of the MILLIONS of Americans you’ve already profiled, like myself, we’ll call you the Liars you truly are.

When La Migra and local police organizations confronted Me, personally, with violent threats of sudden murder, pointing MACHINE GUNS at me, for the so-called “crime” of looking Mex or in one case looking Arabic in the words of the Officially Non-Racist officers “like a sand-nigger”, and then coward bitches like Malkin and Tancredo saying that doesn’t go Far Enough? Bitches, you LOST that argument. Calling me stupid or crazy for presenting the evidence, as your Lunatic Moron Minions have, repeatedly, (because that’s your only defense against the Truth, as always) didn’t stop MILLIONS of Americans from recognizing the same truth I’ve recognized and reported for so long.

TeaBags, RepubliKlan, Minutemen, your policies are and always were Racist and, since you apply them primarily against AMERICANS that makes you Anti-American Terrorists.

Y’all can line up and take turns helping yourseves to a Texas-size all you can eat buffet of Kiss my Dark-skinned Liberal Ass.

Y vuestros Mamas Tambien, putos.

Princess Lisa, “conservative” spends city funds threatening opposition.

Princess Lisa sent this Email, cc’ed to Dennis Hisey, Amy Lathen and Sallie Clark, her TeaBag Terrorist accomplices, and to the Fascist Sheriff and Police Chief: I assume these are copyright violations.
I am forwarding this on to Chief Meyers of the Colorado police department and El Paso County’s Sheriff Maketa. Your videos are inappropriate, threatening, include sexual content, promote violence and hate, you have written defamatory statements against elected officials, and are probably violating copyright laws. I will ask for appropriate instruction to go through the formal process to keep you away from me.

End Quote

I watch Ed’s videos. Sex? Violence? Nope. Defamatory? How does one Defame the Infamous?

Promoting HATE? You’re a TeaBag, for God’s Sake! The ones with the endless supply of Deranged Lone-Wolf Social Misfits who you talk into doing your dirty deeds for you, the ones YOU and your fellow ChickenHawks are afraid to do for yourselves.

And a “limited government” candidate spending Taxpayer Money to demand the Police do your thug work for you. Shame on you, Princess!

Ok… So, if she’s still playing along… Lisa, look, hun, it’s like this. Calling the Cops is for CRIMINAL offenses, not for pointing out that your pals are a bunch of Nazi freaks who pack automatic weapons IN America because they want to kill AMERICANS..

Not forgetting that none of your Ku Klux Klown amigos are going to do the real killing for yourselves. Don’t you worry your Little Princess head none, though, because I’m sure you’ll find another Jared Loughner or Scott Roeder or Jim Adkisson to ideologically cleanse at least a few Colorado Springs citizens.

There’s enough lunatics in the right wing section of the world and your Hate-Mongers are good at finding them, arming them and setting them loose.

And as for pasting your face on a perfectly good movie poster for a really awful movie.

If anybody is going to file copyright claims it would be the producers of that really stinky movie. It would NOT be something that the Colorado Springs Gestapo should investigate.

Lisa, are you reading this, sometime in the near future relative to the time which I wrote this? Please, do consider this. You’re allegedly a “fiscal conservative” but really, you come off as being a hate-filled rich errr… “witch” yeah, that’s the ticket, a rich-witch MY SINCERE APOLOGIES TO REAL WITCHES who will waste the already slashed to the bone city funds by using the Publicly Funded Police like they’re your own private Goon Squad because you can’t handle people making fun of you.

Please, lady, for the love of God (Montressor) drop the hell out of the race and go back to your Barbie Dream House.

Oh, me forgetted… Tea Bags no read good.

The “for the love of God, Montressor!” part was from a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Cask Of Amantillado” and I’m pretty sure the only place you saw Poe’s books was at your semi-seasonal Book Burnings. You could look it up at the Librar… oh yeah, I forgot, you want to ban libraries too. Never Mind.