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Colorado Springs anti- panhandling ordinance set to become Mayor Bach’s expensive big flop and political fiasco

The creepy new Right Wing mayor of Colorado, Steve Bach, has gotten HIS anti-panhandling ordinance passed this week and it’s set to become an expensive big flop that city tax payers will have to pay out with our monies, as the city attorneys try to defend municipal enforcement for a clearly illegal measure that will fail all the basic tests in the courtroom. Why is that? Short answer is simply that the new law violates all OUR remaining rights to hear free speech voiced in this country and this city of Colorado Springs. See Amid debate, Colorado Springs may join cities banning panhandling where the LA Times shows us how this form of anti free speech legislation has been faring in other spots across the US?

These anti- panhandling ordinances not only violate the free speech rights of the panhandler, but they also violate the free speech rights of those being panhandled, too. If somebody (a panhandler) says they are hungry or without medical care or a place to sleep at night, then I and you and all of us have the right to hear what our neighbor has to say and to respond to him/ her personally, since the elected authorities are clearly not doing any decent job of protecting the public from destitution these days.

Sure, there are plenty enough non charitable people in Colorado Springs who want to be ‘protected’ from the free speech of the panhandler and the rest of us in the general public and are willing to have Mayor Bach pay police to jail people for that, but many of us out there want to be able to hear these panhandlers out and it is our right to hear free speech be expressed that is really what Right Wing Mayor Bach wants mainly to stop from happening. I have been to many a city council meeting and these self congratulators mainly want only to pat themselves on their backs rather than hear what other citizens have to say about the many real problems that many of us are really facing. These city council clowns want boosterism for the corporations and military and want the rest of us to just shut up and bow down to Big Money interests which they want to represent instead of Common Folk that live here. They want to suppress ALL our Free Speech rights and not help Free Speech of dissenting Americans who might be residents of here and not members of the favored castes.

The ACLU should have an easy job of busting up Mitt Romney loving Republican Mayor Bach’s anti Free Speech ordinance. How many of hundreds of thousands of dollars will the city of Colorado Springs eventually come to spend in trying to deny people their right to hear if somebody is in need? After all, that is what panhandling is all about, Bach. How much are you willing to spend of public tax monies in order to prop up YOUR beloved Military-Police-Prison-Surveillance State that you are such a partisan for?

Springs Mayor Steve Bach’s downtown plans centered on real estate speculation and corruption

As I was listening this AM to Right Wing talk radio on 105.5 today, they had Colorado Springs mayor telling us in an interview that it was no secret that he wants a baseball stadium to be built downtown which he claims will somehow revitalize the center of the city. That’s as doubtful a claim as his idiotic boast that he personally will direct the city into ‘creating’ 6,000 new jobs during his term, which could only come about with a US economic recovery he banks on seeing happen though he would have no responsibility in bringing any such possible thing about.

The fact that he has such little common sense in making this comical boast in time of national economic downturn is underlined with his other ass backwards (to the real estate industry) drives to initiate FURTHER witch hunts against the city’s homeless population through a law making panhandling an illegal act, and now his budding personal campaign to convert the coal using Drake Power plant an area for a gigantic, wasteful, and totally UNNEEDED stadium bond project for his real estate cronies to personally profit off of. What other schemes will he soon be behind?

What a sorry cretin of a mayor the city is now saddled under! It is hard for me to believe that anybody worse than former Mayor Lionel Rivera could have been created but that’s exactly what the El Paso County Republican Party did in pushing steve Bach off onto the community. They brought us even worse than Rivera! They brought us Bach.

Bach as mayor is like having our very own local clone of dullard Mitt Romney running the show here at military elite’s home base, Colorado Springs. Makes us weep about what the future will soon bring to Colorado Springs, military show base central or not. More faceless, lifeless, and UGLY development by a real estate industry that only wants to build build build without any real thinking about how trashy their building really is? Certainly another big empty parking lot for a big empty downtown urban stadium like Bach is pushing for is just building more failure on top of the other major construction boondoggles in urban planning many other cities have already lost out on in having their own local corrupt politician and business crews stick it to the public and stick up the public with. It would be the crown followup for the real estate industry’s ugly SPRAWL to the north and east of the city, which is the real reason the downtown has so little to offer at this time. Much of the city’s public now lives miles and miles away from the core of the city in kind of dead zones. No! Make that really socially dead zones where they live in. YUCK! Now Back wants to bring their dead lands to us center city…

No thanks, Bach. We don’t need a huge lifeless stadium built downtown to add to the city’s sorrows. That building of stadiums downtown did not do any good for downtown Denver and it won’t do any good here in Colorado Springs either. We should not copycat the failures of others cities’ in their bad planning. Colorado Springs deserves something much better than a big empty stadium parking area to look at downtown, PLUS the years of paying off the bonds that would be sought to create an empty zombie stadium downtown. And we deserve much better than you as our mayor.

Wikileaks- US State Dept ties Haitian aid to acceptance of wage slavery

When the outgoing Haitian Govt insisted on the whopping huge $5 a DAY minimum wage instead of the three dollars a day being offered by the Corporate-owned U.S.A.I.D., their pet sellouts at State Dept, which has been trying to put a stranglehold on who does or does not do business with Haiti since, like, Forever, endorsed a U.S.A.I.D. report that Haiti wasn’t as badly harmed by the earthquake and thus, the Haitian people owe the aid money back.
Welcome to the Global Plantation.
I wonders, yes I does, how much Gov Scott Walker, Rep Paul Ryan, Gov LePage of Maine, Rick GoodHair of Texas, The Chambers of Commerce, and their Local Anti-worker ToolsTrained Monkeys like Paige, Patchsi, Janis Heuberger, Jeff Crank, Malkin, Tancredo, and the entire City Council, the Mayor and County Commissioners have in their own personal stock portfolios on this?
Slavery by low wage and high debt IS their main way of doing business.
How about it, anti-Union anti-Working Class PUNKS? Sound off on how morally superior and righteous you are in defense of Slavery.