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US Made War Zone – Ciudad Juarez

There is a recently made video that examines in a very balanced manner, the Mexican elections as seen from the viewpoint of the people living in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua- US made war zone. It is very informative and well worth the time watching this 20min film… THE FEMALE JOURNALISTS OF JUAREZ. One has to ask why is it that the US can run this ‘drug war’ inside Mexico from right out here in NORTHCOM command center, Colorado Springs, and nobody in Colorado Springs knows anything about it? Why? And where are our tough, hard hitting local journalists from The Gazette and The Independent? They’re both missing the big story. In fact, they have utterly failed to keep us Colorado citizens informed.

The real reason why Mexico can’t hold an honest election

Mexican leftist candidate wants presidential election annulled ___The real reason why Mexico can’t hold an honest election, is that the US government colludes, time after time, in rubber stamping its approval for allowing Mexican presidential candidates the US wants in top office to commit wholesale electoral fraud without any international protest or investigation. The US and its international allies simply turn a blind eye and deaf ear away from what Mexican superrich are doing to their own people, with support from US corporate and government elites.

Mexico asks once again, ‘Where is Jimmy Carter and his ‘Carter Center’ when we need him?

Here is the Carter Center bragging about some of its works monitoring elections. They say they have even monitored elections in China! Yeah, I bet they have …LMAO… Elections Monitored by The Carter Center: 91 Elections in 36 Countries (May 2012 figures) ___But, Jimmy, who widely is thought of as speaking some limited, very limited form of Spanish, since it is said to be worse than even Dubya’s abilities in that lengua, can’t seem to find his way down to Mexico to monitor elections there! What’s his damn problem? If you are going to brag about doing that kind of work, yet act as if you think that Mexico doesn’t have a problem with holding fraudulent elections, then you are SURELY a phony and a fraud, Jimmy. Do you not know how to get to the Tex-Mex Border at least and do some work?

So here is some of the latest about the Mexican presidential election held on July 1 this last week. Sad stuff… Read it and weep. Accusations Grow of Vote-Buying in Mexico Election.

Democratic Party liberal voters are always suckers for buying into that rebuilt donkey politician imagery stuff. Slick, while not getting sucked off, is helping Haitians… Gore is saving the planet’s environment as Super Green Man… and of course Jimmy is building houses, monitoring elections and praying for Palestine blah blah blah. But what a cowardly man he is! Mexico needs monitoring, too, Jimmy. They are our immediate neighbors and you’re the plumber to go in that house and do the dirty work, Jimmy. Not Joe the Plumber! He won’t do it. So there is lots of mierda down Mexico way in those elections, Jimmy! Get to it, Big Guy!

And besides just elections, there is that little thing about PEACE and JUSTICE that your ‘Center’ says it is dedicated to promoting. Jimmy, did you know that Mexico has a problem about that IN BETWEEN those elections, too? Talk too much about PEACE down there and you might literally lose your head. What’s with your “center’ saying nothing about all that ‘drug war’ thing Obama is pushing off down South, Jimmy? Where are you, Mr. Southern Baptist ex Presidential Dude? Are you sleeping down on the peanut farm? Your ‘Center’ doesn’t seem to bee aware that Mexico needs some ‘conflict reoslution’ and PEACE! How damn cowardly and ignorant is that?

Mexico’s PRI-PAN corporate dictatorship’s 3 Ring Circus

Twelve years ago the US and PRI one party state in Mexico pretended to end dictatorship by allowing the Vicente Fox and the PAN to enter into Los Pinos (the Mexican White House). What is the legacy for PAN after 12 years in dictatorial office, backed by the worldwide corporate media, US government and business Establishment, and the Pentagon run, Mexican military?

‘(2012) It’s a sad day for Mexico when the PAN can get away with marketing itself as a “progressive” choice, simply because 1) its candidate is a woman and 2) it isn’t the PRI. Merely accelerating the neoliberal reforms imposed by the old dictatorship in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the party has also used the pretext of the “war on drugs” to militarize the country beyond recognition, with a phenomenal surge in gang violence and abuses by security forces.’

People hate the PAN and hate the PRI but cannot see any alternative to these thugs that can actually take power away from the US backed Mexican dictatorship. Only a couple of weeks left before the elections, and no viable choice for real change seems offered to the impoverished population. What will Mexicans do in the next couple of weeks? Under the direction of the US NORTHCOM Command center at Peterson Air Force base, the county is being turned by the US military into a slaughterhouse, all under the pretense of fighting drug trafficking. The real objective of the US government though, is to remain firmly in control over the entire Latin America region, by increasing he militarization of the Americas.

See The Gloss Comes Off the PRI The Mexican Dinosaur for more of Paul Imison’s Mexican election reporting.

Mexico set to ditch the political party (PAN) most identified with carrying out the bloody US war on drugs

The Made-in-the-US, so called Mexican drug war has led to the deaths of over 60,000 in recent years and Mexicans are fed up with the increasing national insecurity arising from this war. As a result, the country is set to return the old PRI ‘dinosaurs’ back into Los Pinos, which is the Mexican White House come July this year. It is selection time Mexico style, and the PRI presidential candidate now has an insurmountable double digit lead according to all polls. The man to beat As the presidential campaign officially begins, time is running out to catch up with Enrique Peña Nieto.

Thanks to the US and Mexican business communities, Mexico has now successfully established a ‘2 party system’ there, where two corporate based political parties pretend to the public to be in perpetual opposition, yet ally themselves to smother out any possible uprising from the Left via a third party of the People. The model for this, of course, is the DP-RP game played against us in the US.

What is little known about the drug war battles inside Mexico, is that the direction for the Mexican government’s strategy actually comes by way of the US’s Pentagon, or more specifically, it comes from right here in Colorado Springs at Peterson Air Force Base! That’s where the US run military command center of North America (NORTHCOM) is head quartered.

Don’t want ‘illegal aliens from Mexico inside ‘your’ USA? Then take your complaints to Peterson and the Pentagon. We’re in Mexico, therefore Mexico will be somewhat inside the US as well. You helped bloody Mexico by your ‘support for the soldiers’ …then perhaps you owe some impoverished Mexican nationals at least a job???

Pope plans to interfere in Mexican presidential race as well as US election

Many people in the US are now aware that the Catholic Church and its ex-Nazi Pope is now running against the Obama Administration claiming that the Democratic Party boss wants the Federal government to religiously discriminate against ‘people of Faith’. Of course that is all a crock coming from these top Catholic child molesting creeps. One has come to expect total dishonesty from the Catholic Church hierarchy already, but few American citizens also know that The Pope is trying to interfere in the Mexican presidential elections less than 4 months away, too. And on the side of Right Wing reaction as always is the case with Ratzinger, the ex NAZI Pope.

See this Mexican elections’ analysis, where it is stated that ‘With its core conservative base, the PAN will naturally seek to benefit from the visit of Pope Benedict XVI later this month (of March).’Battle Lines Drawn in Mexico’s Election YES, the Catholic Church boss priests are always on the wrong side of political battles, and in Mexico it is no different than it is in any other country. We need them out of politics altogether, or perhaps the public needs to END their tax exempt status? Now that’s an idea whose time has come. And let’s end their priesthood getting all their GET OUT OF JAIL FREE cards.