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Western Capitalist Civilization So Very Superior it has to be explained with lies

After, of course, acknowledging the FACT that the so-called WMDs excuse was a blatant lie, Gordon Brown goes further by saying the “Operation Iraqi Freedom” bullshit was also a lie. The harshest part of it? The Right Wing Freaks STILL eat it up with a spoon and call it delicious. Like the Tea-Party. And insist that they’re also “fighting for freedom” by Denying Health Care to Americans, a practice that would, in a truly civilized world, be called Murder.

“Our position was to support action so that the will of the international community, that Saddam Hussein disclose and dispose of weapons, be reinforced, and at the back of my mind was this sense that, if the international community did not act here, then the international community would find it difficult to gain credibility for acting in other areas, and this new world order that we were trying to create was being put at risk. So I go back to what I say is the wider argument about defying the will of the international community.”

“Though expressing some regret regarding the failure of his international community to work with Iraqis in the rebuilding of the country after the fact, Brown insisted Iraq’s many dead and displaced was a necessary sacrifice, made to ensure the survival of a new world order the international community was attempting to construct”

A moment of Truth is in order:
Bush, Blair, Rove, Brown, Wolfowicz, Cheney, Rice, McCain, the cast and crew of Fox News… All knew in advance that the lies they were telling in order to attack the People of Iraq were in fact LIES.
All of the accomplices to this crime made money from the blood of Dead Soldiers and Dead Civilians.
Even though all of the accomplices, including the Minuteman-Tea Party- Klan Spokespersons Beck, O’Reilly, Local Media Whore Michelle Malkin, Local Murder Advocates Tancredo and “Gunny” Bob Newman, General Betray-us, ALL of them know the significance of that,
they still insist on calling it a Global War On Terror, they still show up at parades “honoring” the Soldiers, still make impassioned speeches that somehow For-Profit Wars of Conquest equal “defending Freedom”.

And to make their blasphemy complete, they justify these Murders in the name of God.

Sexually Violent Predator Alert!

Michelle MalkinThis one is more dangerous because she’s backed by former and even obviously some current Federal Officials. She moved to our Village a couple of years ago. Her latest actual murder was that of Briseña ( fixed the spelling) Flores, age 9 of Arivaca AZ. Murdered for being Hispanic. She was an accessory before and after the fact of the murder of young Briseña and her father, inciting such violence with her hate speech, subsidized by Fox News and other Republican propaganda outlets.

The Violent Sexual Assaults she similarly incites are committed by agents of the United States Government against prisoners who are unlawfully held without charges. It goes by another name, no less heinous, Torture. Which is an inherently sexual crime.

The fact that the victims are bound and helpless only adds to the eroticism these Perverts gain from inflicting pain on other human beings.

The only photoshopping on that was to redden the eyes and put fangs in. Congratulations to michellemalkinisanidiot.com. Ms Malkin obliged by actually screaming out her hatred and violent intent on camera.

This person or any of her accomplices are dangerous and should be forbidden contact with children, elderly people, disabled people, (anybody who is helpless)

DNC disruption provided by FOX NEWS

Fox bulldogDENVER- Sunday DNC Antiwar Rally. Predictably enough, the only disorder at the DNC protests was instigated by Fox News knave Griff Jenkins. At Recreate 68’s kickoff rally on Sunday, ambush reporter Jenkins tried to rush the stage and force an interview of Ward Churchill. AIM security intervened, but the camera skirmish created an inordinate distraction for the speaker at the podium and the audience trying to listen.

The diminutive Fox dick started shouting about HIS FREE SPEECH RIGHTS, which I believe illuminated his own understanding of the “journalism” role Fox serves. He doesn’t report, he decides. This thug’s media clout gave him the delusion he could speak over our right to assemble and attend to our speakers. His self-importance was laughable, and the crowd was not convinced. It started chanting FUCK FOX, FUCK FOX. Which of course Fox News reported as an anti-Fox riot. This was repeated later when Jenkins tried to interview marchers along the parade route.

Ward Churchill

In fact the only confrontations to come of the DNC demonstrations involved Fox’s Jenkins, Michelle Malkin, and inexplicably as far as I can undersand, Alex Jones from Prison Planet.

Ok more stupid people packing guns…

Malkin and her ilk are saying that if other people had been shooting then all would have been better.


bullets have a muzzle velocity about the speed of sound in pistols and revolvers. When a bullet hits a person unless the bullet has a really tiny mass and therefore less “terminal velocity” it will go right through that person and exit the other side at a speed only about 10 miles an hour slower than when it went in.

That’s the reason every municipality I can think of has a LAW against discharging a firearm within city limits. In London and other cities the Police can’t carry pistols, for THAT VERY REASON. Colorado Springs has a little recent history of that sort of stupidity, remember The Great Buffalo Hunt of ’05? The rifles were being discharged 3 blocks WEST of where I live now, and some of the bullets were ending up 3 or 4 blocks EAST of where I live.

Now imagine a gunfight happening in a crowded building… Where are all those bullets going, who is going to be hit by them?

Only the ones at whom the muzzles are pointed? I don’t think so…

Want more? On Military bases, the soldiers who carry their rifles around all day carry them UNLOADED. Sentries have to keep theirs loaded, but without a round in the chamber.

If you’ve ever been challenged by a sentry (I have) the first thing he does is chamber a round.

Michelle Malkin idiot propagandant

Let Rose and her enablers know... where her indefensible theories... belong.
Neocon winged monkey Michelle Malkin has made a video encouraging her sortasyllabic fans to boycott advertisers of Rosie O’Donnell’s TV show The View.
From the video you get an idea just how idiotic Malkin expects her audience to be. She wants them to boycott products they’ve already purchased.

In the video, Rosie is accused of helping to disseminate poisonous 9/11 conspiracy theories. There are excerpts of Rosie asking about the unnatural collapse of WTC Building 7, “all’s I’m asking…” followed by pictures of 9/11 Truth Movement protesters (because they ridicule themselves). These shots are intermixed with footage of Ms. Malkin walking through a Walmart pretending to examine and reject consumer products that turn out to be sponsors of Rosie’s show. Later Malkin is shown at home, purging the same items from her cupboards.

I understand how deciding not to buy a company’s products could speak to their bottom line, but disposing of the goods one has already purchased? Who does that hurt except yourself?

Perhaps Ms Malkin’s own sponsors, damned reprobates, are excited by the prospect of her viewers purchasing their household goods instead of Rosie’s. But that’s not even good enough. If they can count on Malkin’s fans to be as stupid as they seem, Malkin’s backers won’t have to wait for new shopping habits to form. Their dittoheads will have to hit the aisles tomorrow to replace the products they just threw away.

At the end of Malkin’s video, after she hoisted 9/11-Truth-leaning products into the trash, Little-M spits on them. Imbecilic, but frightening considering she’s trying to set an example. It’s the kind of unthinking anger the right-wing spokesmites seek from their followers.

Ms. Malkin, when the 9/11/Neocon grime settles, you will go the way of Tokyo Rose –I’ll have to check, was she hanged for being a propagandist and traitor? You most surely will.

Lee Greenwood’s bloody anthem

Trouble bringing giant Old Glory downI heard the Lee Greenwood anthem today for the last God-damn time.
“And I’ll proudly stand up, next to you,
and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land.
God bless the USA.”

I’ll put this out to everybody singing along, with a special mention to the war bloggers who have been littering cyberspace with falsehood and cannot own up to it upon being exposed, unnotably Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, John Hinderaker at Powerline, Dan Curry at Reverse Spin, Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee, Rick Moran at Rightwing Nuthouse, Dan Reihl at ReihlWorldView, Charles at Little Green Footballs, Curt at Flopping Aces, and SeeDubya at Junkyard Blog.

So STAND the fuck UP you jingoist motherfuckers! Get your big dumb asses up NEXT TO our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and defend this land against the civilians trying to living there. Go kill poor people there to defend our freedom here. Then you can sing this damn anthem. Otherwise shut up. Your bellicosity is distracting you from noticing that we are not singing with you. Scary thought probably, the rest of us are not as dumb-as-fuck ignorant as you.