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More about the BlackOps Video Porn Game

This is a slight mod of their game package picture. The Cellar-Dwellers living in their Moms Basements probably wouldn’t notice any of the problems with the picture. First, the person, whose face is blanked out (Babykillers typically don’t want people recognizing them) is holding two pistols, Colt M1911A .45 caliber ACP, and carrying two assault rifles. WHY? To look tough or just look stupid? Does he enjoy carrying extra weight with him, something that could cause him to FAIL in a mission to assassinate, kidnap and or torture people? Or simply Penance for his heinous crimes? To make it abundantly clear, the REAL BlackOps cowards aren’t any better than the “gamers”.
They know they’ve got plenty of backup and that their victims don’t. Just like Cops and other pigs. Can’t do anything without their Uniformed Thug gang helping.

The rifles and the pistols, either would take two hands to operate them, meaning, load, chamber a round and charge (“cock”) them.
The picture shows one of the pistols to have a girls name and some notches scratched on to it. Probably the name of the first child he ever shot. Also both guns are worn out. Does a “professional” murderer not acquire or care for the tools of his trade? Since when?
They’re also grimy. Dramatic, yes, realism, no.

He would have taken the time to at least clean them. Carrying a second pistol might work as a story line, but it’s faster to reload the one than to draw the second.
The rifles, two of them? Really? Carrying a rifle is a real chore, not only is it heavy and bulky in all the wrong places, it has a way of biting you, REAL HARD, if you carry it wrong. Extra magazines would be far more efficient, and since he would want to kill as many victims as possible before having his buddies puss… errr “pull” him out, he’d want efficiency.

The Cellar-Dwellers wouldn’t care. They’re just fantasizing what it would be like to commit murder, until Momma tells him to get off the damn Xbox and do something with his life, so she’ll probably be the first and only one he kills.

The teenagers who the Army is targeting through the use of these games, (they’re also wanting to re-release “6 days in Fallujah”, another action-packed Porn-for-deviants “game”) are being told through this game, over and over and over, that killing is fun, noble, heroic and a good way to spend their lives.

The Pentagon/Military Industrial Complex/Corporate Whorelords laugh all the way to the bank, they recruit children to go out and kill other children, and they get to SELL the advertising medium to the kids as well.
And ensure they’ll always have a steady supply of murderers to match the steady stream of Potential Victims.