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Ancient Aliens and the Crusades/Holy English Empire

While there’s evidence for and against extraterrestrial visitations, there really isn’t PROOF. The Hysteria Channel show Ancient Alien came off with a whole slew of speculation mostly involving things that are a massive Rorschach Inkblot. If you’re expecting to see a spider you’ll see a spider, if you’re expecting to see a penis or Richard Nixons famous schnozzola that’s what you’ll see. The team sees a site in what’s now Pakistan that was hit with something that had a lot of heat, hard radiation and explosive force. The crater was like 50 yards across. Way too small for an atomic bomb even. But the radiation levels, the way the nearby rocks were turned to glass and the people who were lying in the streets dead, their skeletons are intact after more than 4000 years. If you go into the investigation saying “U.F.O.” that’s what you’re going to see. If you went into a similar expecting angelic manifestations, you’ll see the footprints of angels. Perception or deception. Or both. Enter the Crusaders.

After making the case, with an escape clause in every sentence “SOME researchers CLAIM that it MIGHT be …” for ANCIENT interventions, like in Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India… any place with a system for recording events… They started in on Miraculous, or Aliens? theories about direct interventions in human history.

For some reason, perhaps the Eurocentric vision of the researchers, the Alien Angels chose to intervene on behalf of the Crusaders.

In rare instances on behalf of Jews and non-Crusader Christians like the Eastern Orthodox churches and monasteries that the Tyrannic Turks and Arabs etc actually allowed, and accommodated, in Jerusalem and other Near East cities. But not when it was those institutions weren’t under attack from the Crusaders.

They point to Church iconography that shows lighted humanoid figures in the sky. If you were looking for Angelic or Demonic intervention that’s what you’d see.

If you were looking for people who were, in their turn, looking for exactly that, and more than likely under the influence of various homemade hallucinations like rye and barley products tainted with certain molds before being cooked. Green Beer = Ergot = homebrewed LSD (or sometimes just pure poison that will kill you quick) well… that too is what you’d find. If either Angels or some Interstellar Superpower doing a little gunboat diplomacy were intervening on behalf of the Crusaders, there would be a huge gap in the logic.

The Crusaders consistently LOST. That one is simple. Why would the Angels or Aliens feel that they could direct human events positively by backing Moral Retards like the Templars or Richard Couer-de-Leon? Would the alien-angels seriously have intervened in the mostly Christian-on-Christian crime spree that was the standard battle plan of the Crusaders? Richard Lionheart was kidnapped twice by and ransomed once from Fellow Christians. If the Angels seriously believed him worthy of their intervention, why not simply bust him out of the dungeon? Twice?

Anybody familiar with the Robin Hood and Ivanhoe romanticized bullshit simply knows that Wicked Cowardly Prince John taxed his English subjects (he was French so England wouldn’t matter to him more than any other vassal state would) into the dirt and beyond to fund his brothers Crusade and to pay the first ransom. Then when Brave, Noble and Good Richard came back not to Normandy but to Lincolnshire, and proclaimed his English subjects free from the tyranny of his brother and HIMSELF, pulled together a few hundred thousand more coins to finance another Crusade, got his Stupid Ass kidnapped again, the second time Prince John said “Screw you, dumbass, I ain’t bailing you out this time”.

Why would the Alien Angels back up a perverted little family like them? Or for that matter, if they for some reason felt that it needed to be done, why not do it to the hilt and establish the Holy English Empire 600 500 years earlier than Elizabeth One and King James One did?

Such is the logic of propaganda though. Whether it’s a claim that God anointed the Crusaders and especially the British to rule the world as His “new chosen people” or if the Interstellar Superpower did.

But it’s a fable built on flawed data and the inconsistencies outweigh any appearance of continuity in their narrative.