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Israel murders 14 protesters in Syria, claims “only a dozen injured”

Shooting through the border fence at a memorial protest in the Golan Heights. The number of dead outnumbers the original IDF account number of injured, the injured outnumbered the IDF account by tenfold.
So once again the IDF story is very suspect.
IDF usually reserves a different fate for Israeli Jewish protesters, the dissidents are arrested in midnight raids on their homes, imprisoned on made-up charges “validated” by a rubber stamp conviction in their court system, ahem… Just Like Everywhere Else In The World and once they’ve disappeared into the Israeli penal system they’re out of the public eye and the IDF sadists can do whatever the Hell they want with them.
IDF, like every other Police State Entity, prefers helpless victims.
And, they do it all in the name of My God.
Isn’t that wonderful, kids? To enhance the Blasphemy, a lot of “christian” people who have an even more spurious claim to have replaced the Jews as the “chosen people” encourage the worst behavior from the IDF in order to bring on the near-annihilation of Israel as a nation, the Jews as a race and thus clear their own claim to being “Chosen People”.

This makes for an instant political platform where people who make money from other people DYING have a nearly automatic “justification” for making money from other people DYING. And enough voter support to continue doing so.People like the Colorado Springs Christian Schools with their recent Whoreship service dedicated to Anti-Christ George W Bush, lauding him as Christian Lion-Heart for having a lot of other people killed. Yes, children, very special.

Did you notice who are hosting the Steve Bach campaign signs?

Slumlords, Out-of-Business businesses with real estate signs from his Political Comrade Tim Leigh’s company, foreclosed houses with the same…
Way to GO! o ye non-elite Elitists! You crashed the economy of Colorado Springs and the entire world with your Mortgage Scams and now hope to be rewarded for such crimes by being given all the land in Colorado Springs and all the political power to spend the Peoples Money too. Your Ayn Rand-esque undeserved conceit would be more convincing if you actually WERE Better than other people, as your cartel claims to be. Tim Leigh, Princess Barbie, Sally Clark, Doug Bruce, you’re a bunch of lying arrogant thieves and your major “achievement” appears to have been investing in Vulture Capitalism. You might as well have your signs hosted by Crack Houses, it would be a moral Step-up from where you’re at now.

For Tomorrow Evening’s Whore-ship Service to George W Beast

At least he didn’t choose to ride his sorry Ass into town on Palm Sunday.
I do hope the Colorado Springs “christian” Schools feel very proud of being Temple Prostitutes for the Beast. Maybe, just this once, you’ll consider sacrificing one of your OWN babies to him instead of ours? You know, the Workers of the World, whom you seek to disunite, disenfranchise, and kill off slowly? I mean, your Revised (per)version of the Bible, trying to take away the love expressed by Jesus, and turn it around until it’s all different ways of telling people to kill other people in His name, that pretty much sealed your fate.

Escape clauses like adding on “Except when it’s expedient to do so” to “Thou shalt not Kill” or “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”…

Purest blasphemy. So many of you sick sycophants (save yourself the google, it means a form of Temple Prostitute) have bumper stickers and window signs and tee-shirts supporting Killing Helpless Prisoners, “break the commandment, keep the commandment” right? And your hate mongering ministers of the so-called “gospel” telling you that means you can and should kill anybody for any of the many Death Penalty “thou shalt nots” included in the Books of the Law…

Well, right now, I’m calling your “pastors” like George W, Sarah P, their whole lying crew, LIARS.

That would mean, if I’m wrong, then I just blasphemed against your Anti-Messiah George Beast and his Whore Babylon Palin. That means you would be REQUIRED, by the hate-filled interpretation of the Gospel you’ll be celebrating at the Broadmoor tomorrow, you’re REQUIRED TO THROW ROCKS AT ME UNTIL I’M DEAD!! CS Anti-Christ School staff, students and alumni, I’m CHALLENGING YOU AND YOUR BABYKILLING HATE DOCTRINE!! Get your coward douchebag Ex-President of the United Hates to throw the first stone?

You morons teach your kids to throw stones literally at people they think are Subhuman, by reason of our economic status. The chickenshit bitch who pulled up alongside me at the King Soopers Parking Lot two years ago and told her Bastard Get to throw rocks at me out of the window and then drove a safe distance away to shout out your “christian love talk” had a CSCS sticker on her car.

I had a pastor in Ft Worth once, said “Look, if you’re going to act all kinds of up, beat your horn, road rage, curse people,…. at least take off that “Follow Me to Hemphill Baptist Temple” bumper sticker before you do it.

You Pseudo-Christian Pseudo-Intellectual BITCHES showed me on several occasions where your hearts are, and let me tell you, brethren and sistren, it ain’t with God.

But go ahead, whore yourself out to Bush tomorrow, swear eternal allegiance to his Beastly Empire. Tell him how brave he was to cower in his office, behind legions or Really Stupid Guards, shake his tiny little Chicken Claws in hate and rage against half the world, and order Still More Stupid People to go off and kill and conquer in his name.

Give the coward bastard a Medal and do it in the Name of Christ. Blaspheme your stupid collective Arse off for him, bitches.
You’re Babylon to his Beast, you’re Jezebel to his Ahab.

He coveted the portion of Baghdad as surely as Ahab coveted the portion of Jezreel and told as heinous a lie, In Full Knowledge That There Were No WMDs and you stupid Jezebel WHORES backed him up on it, even when the smug coward said it didn’t matter at all that he had broken half of the Ten Commandments at one whack.

You mock the Bible, you mock GOD Himself, and teach your snotty little Piglets to hate and cast stones at people who tell you that it’s WRONG.

And DARE to call your nasty whore selves Christian. Congratulations, Bitches. You’ve condemned the entire nation with your bloody deeds.

Mene Mene, Tekel Upharsim
Mene Mene, Tekel Peres.

Your Kingdom will be taken from you, and divided among the Medes and the Persians. That’s IRAN and part of SYRIA, you stupid bitches. And it’s happening now in the heart of Babylon. What, you don’t like it that one you consider a “bum” would know scriptures better than you? TOO BAD.

Bite me, bitches. Bite me HARD.

I pity the children, the spawn of your demonic relationship with Bush and the rest of his evil minions.

But give him the medal for his “courageous” service to Satan.