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Bradley Manning’s heroism magnified

PFC Bradley Manning’s last approved visitor David House was denied access to visit the Adrian-Lamo-named Wikileaks source, in this eighth month of solitary confinement without charges. Last week Manning’s lawyer described the conditions endured by his client: For 23 hours per day, he will sit in his cell. The guards will check on him every five minutes by asking him if he is okay. PFC Manning will be required to respond in some affirmative manner. At night, if the guards cannot see him clearly, because he has a blanket over his head or is curled up towards the wall, they will wake him in order to ensure that he is okay. He will receive each of his meals in his cell. He will not be allowed to have a pillow or sheets. He will not be allowed to have any personal items in his cell. … He will be prevented from exercising in his cell. If he attempts to do push-ups, sit-ups, or any other form of exercise he will be forced to stop. He will receive one hour of exercise outside of his cell daily. The guards will take him to an empty room and allow him to walk. He will usually just walk in figure eights around the room until his hour is complete. When he goes to sleep, he will be required to strip down to his underwear and surrender his clothing to the guards.

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Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: January 24, 2011, 8:07 am

Pigs do that in every jail if a prisoner isn’t confessing nor otherwise groveling.

The lying puke pigs will say that it’s to prevent a suicide, while it’s actually designed to try to drive him toward suicide, and as his speech and coordination deteriorate, they will forcibly drug him to “correct” the problem. If he exercises or rebels in any way, like not calling the pathetic Cowardly Uniformed Thugs “Sir” they’ll beat him and taser him.

They consistently call him a weakling in the press, they’ll do it consistently, several times a day, to his face, yet it will take 5 big strapping Macho Heroic PIGS to administer the punishments for non compliance. “for his own protection” of course.

Their mommas must have been so proud, until they killed them and ate them.

When prisoners of war are treated that way it’s called Torture.
IfWHEN he’s convicted in a Kangaroo Kourt Martial, they’ll hide him until there’s no more press about him then murder him. They get sexually aroused by murder just as much as they do by bondage and torture.
Then a Coroner, also a “peace” officer, will declare it a suicide no matter what the circumstances and no prosecutors will ever investigate their Fellow Pigs nor will any “fair and impartial” Judge order such an investigation.

If there’s enough public outcry to force an “investigation” the investigation will consist of having each PIG THUG involved sign a paper saying they’re not guilty and the Tame Pig-loving Media will oblige their masters by burying the case. and even have nightly segments on the “news” digging into the character of anybody who dares to oppose their Masters’ version of events.

It’s what every cop is like. The ones who don’t do the actual deed turn their heads and pretend that they don’t see the abuse, and lie for those who did.
It’s called a “Blue Wall”.

Comment from J “Rolin” Stone   (IP:
Time: January 25, 2011, 3:19 pm

And people dare ask me why I’m an atheist. Or why I am ashamed of my country.

If people really understood the point of “nationalism”; flags, banners, creeds, crests, patriotism, anthems, pledges of allegiance, and all the other “I love my country” bullshit, designed to do only one thing: Silence dissent and create unquestioned loyalty to institutional authority; maybe they’d come out of their FOX-induced Orwellian stupors long enough to feel the tug on their “nationalistic” puppet strings.


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