About Eric

EricEric has been writing for The Black Dot, Crank Magazine, Aberrant Books, Armchair Commando, and his most recent blog.

A former member of the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission, the Pikes Peak Lavender Film Festival, the Pikes Peak Independent Business Alliance, Citizens for Peace In Space, the West Side Democrats, and the antiwar action Camp Casey Colorado Springs, Eric organizes with Coloradans For Peace and contributes online to MyKRCC.org, an effort to bring community participation to a local public radio station, and diverse internet projects for which discretion plays the better part.

Among Eric’s community business contributions were The Bookman, a used-and-rare bookstore with a bookmobile which brought free children’s books to local primary schools and events, Toons Music & Film, a record store which specialized in videos of cultural interest, The Pikes Peak Passion Film Festival, an annual screening for local area filmmakers, and the online alliance Best of the Springs.

Niagara FallsEric is the product of Lycee Jean Sturm Strasbourg; International School Manila; O’Gorman High School Sioux Falls, Ernest W. Seaholm Birmingham Michigan; GMI-Kettering University Flint; and graduate dawdling at UCLA.

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