Fuck San Francisco


The nights are chilly in San Francisco but there are places that offer a free night’s lodging. To avoid overcrowding they tend to employ a ticket system. By showing up in the late afternoon, you are generally assured a place to stay that night. The following places work it this way:

* Brother Juniper’s Inn–1736 Haight, tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis.

* Holy Order of Man–937 Fillmore, no tickets.

* Hospitality House–148 Leavenworth, for people under 18, generally filled.

* Pinehurst Emergency Lodge–2685 30th Ave., for unwed mothers and women with children.

* St. Mary’s Church–660 California, tickets at 6:00 PM.

* St. Patrick’s Church–756 Mission, tickets at 6:00 PM

* St. Vincent De Paul–235 Minna, tickets at 4:00 PM for single men only.

* Salvation Army Harbor Light–290 Fourth St., no tickets.

Traveler’s Aid, 38 Mason, 771-0880, will assist in finding temporary shelter. Young runaways will find it cool to try All Saint’s Church, 1350 Walker (863-9718) for both room and board. Also Huckleberry’s for Runaways, 1347 7th Ave. (731-3921) will provide these and other services such as counseling.

If you’re going to settle for a while in San Francisco, you might have difficulty finding an apartment to rent. Try the Federal Housing Information Center, 100 California (556-5900). They maintain a free listing.

The Community Design Center, 215 Haight (863-3718) provides free advice on architectural and design of pads inside and out once you locate a place, speaking, you can find a Traveler’s Aid Station in every place that large numbers of travelers can be found.

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