About Jonah

JonahHowdy. I am Jonah. I renamed myself after the Prophet.
I am a freelance artist.
My main focus for the last 14 years has been simple survival. Been through Hell. It doesn’t help much that social causes, many of them closely related to my own problems, call my attention. A lot.
By faith I am convinced that we are all created. And we are all equal. You might not see it phrased quite that way, usually, but that’s what it means. This brings about a link in each of our lives to every other life on Earth.

Thus, your problems become mine. I am constrained by God to help you bear them, for if not they will make themselves manifest in my own problems. That’s just the way it is.

Since I am not officially Tribal, I can not describe my heritage, or the Cherokee part of it, as being Indian or Native American, so I won’t.

There are some very important legal and cultural issues, a lot of people who have no business claiming links to the Nations do it anyway, and many many many of them do it just to make money.

My heritage means to me that I have a lot of interesting relatives. And that I get my dashing good looks, fine sense of spirit art, delicate sense of humor and of course my overwhelming modesty.

If I am ever asked to describe my race, I usually say “human” and leave it at that.

I do recyclingrecycling, both because of my abject poverty, and my ever growing recognition that everything I save will benefit everybody else. more on that on my recycling page. A lot of what I repair, reuse, renew, recycle, has an immediate need waiting to be filled, for a long list of people.

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