How many DUIs has Tiger Woods evaded?

I’ve lost count, how many times now has Tiger Woods been pulled from the driver’s seat of a wrecked car and not been held accountable for endangering public safety? The laws which restrict driving while impared are reasonable enough, but if the consequences seem too draconian for a cultural role model, then a relaxed enforcement ought to apply to every substance-abuser unlucky enough to roll his car while speeding through a residential neighborhood. Uncelebrated schmos are instead hauled through courts, for-profit rehabs, traffic classes and the SR22 insurance scam. If social workers are leaning toward a less punative remediation for drunk drivers, that ought to apply to all victims of drug and drink, not just stars like Tiger Woods and Kevin Hart Of course the kid glove treatment hasn’t curbed Tiger’s recurring impared driving…

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The FBI Wants You to Identify These Participatory Democracy Enthusiasts

Speaking as a street activist, I can assure you that any protester who has traveled to a demonstration in Washington DC would have stormed the Capital Building if the opportunity arose instead of being ignored outside it. Especially if the customary paramilitary posts were unattended and police undercover provocateurs were breaking the windows and doors to ease your access to an edifice that belongs to the people more than any other. Obviously the game plan was to let Trump supporters have their brief moment of unsuppressed anger, then let a “riot” discredit the outgoing party.

What a sham to accuse Trump’s would be rescuers of trespass! How dare law enforcement charge nonviolent demonstrators for the damage which their MAGA-clad plainclothes officers coordinated if not perpetrated?! An unarmed female Air Force veteran was shot dead trying to climb through a window – and who are we calling terrorists?!

Now the FBI is circulating photos of their top 37 persons of interests, wanted for violating a curfew and treading on the sanctity of our congressional den of thieves. The curfew was a blatant breach of the First Amendment and Congress is the People’s House. The demonstrators wanted to confront their pretend representatives and they did it. Trump expressed his gratitude and they earned it.

Whatever their politics, they are heroes and genuine patriots. They look funny because the FBI and the media shitshowrunners selected for cross-eyes and cro-magnon brows, but such alleged freaks showed initiative, restraint, a sense of humor, and an audacious love of their country. They braved COVID to save Democracy, they accused Congress of betraying the people and they’re not wrong. Their critics don’t have a clue, and the smarter among those let Bernie and Elizabeth Warren deliver them hook line and sinker into the fold of the Democratic Party, where status quo reigns at its ugliest. As a Biden presidency sinks in, their skin will crawl once more, and the cycle of impotent “resistance” will begin again at square one.

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Election 2020 was a Corporate Media Coup

WHO stole the 2020 presidential election? I think the evidence was in our faces every day on the telly. And the perpetrators pulled it off fair and square, just as the kleptocrats among our founding fathers intended. The corporate media pundits were unanimous about who Americans should vote for and enough of the country believed them. In the final stretch they even blacked out a story that would have been widely damaging to the Biden plunderbund and blocked the president’s Tweets, deciding for themselves which news was “real” and which “fake”. Which is their prerogative of course, as costodians of a universally false narrative. Early in his term Trump declared the media to be the American People’s most dangerous enemy. But only the MAGA crowd believed him. Blue America is still making fun of red but who are the bigger fools really?

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“Comfort Women” aren’t unique to Japan and Korea. In the US military they’re called service women.

As a South Korean court decides that Japan owes more compensation to the Korean women it abducted during WWII to serve as “Comfort Women” for the Japanese troops, we should own up to the reality that all militaries rely on involuntary prostitution and gang rape to motivate their soldiers. From antiquity through the Napoleonic Wars, from America’s Civil War to its imperial conquests westward and abroad, until World War One immobilized warfare, “comfort women” were called “camp followers.” US servicemen in Vietnam established a sex industry in Southeast Asia that is fertilized still today by veterans of all nationalities. But while America’s Defense Department outsources more and more of its functions to contractor profiteers, it has moved the sexual services in-house. This shifts the customary impact on victim populations unto another consumable pool of sexual prey called FELLOW SOLDIERS.

In brief the scheme is simple: Recruit women. Let male soldiers to rape them. Replenish as needed. Mission Accomplished as they say. Purge would-be female careerists to ensure you are trafficking in only the age of vulnerability suited to your comfort-seekers. But that perverse finess is of course the giveaway.

In the US military, 100% of women are sexually harassed or raped. Officials say the figure is 70%, or they discount attacks as cases of harassment and not rape. This allows service women who chose not to report their rapes to save face, and it ameleorates the stigma which otherwise would fall on every woman in uniform. Like the single blank bullet issued to firing squads to ease the conscience of every member allowing them to believe their gun did not chamber a live and fatal bullet. The confidential medical records say the frequency of sexual victimhood is actually 90%, but that suggestes an improbable paucity of unreported cases. In the civilian world, it’s believed that half of all rapes go unreported. Assuming a correlation, how can you have twice as many as 90%?

Besides addressing the rape culture endemic to professioonal soldiering, a remedy suggests itself in at least pretending to care about the well being of female soldiers. For a start, America’s military branches could easily relax the basic training requirements for women. The current standards, which pander to a feminist insistance on a physical equality of the genders, quickly destroy all female recruits. The same backpack weight loads of boot camp, which eventually debilitate men’s backs and knees by the time they’re 40, cripple women before they’re 25. An obscenely high percentage of women have to be med-boarded out of active duty with destroyed backs, ankles and wrists. And the female re-enlistment rate is abysmal. You’d think the army, navy, air force and marines would want to retain trained soldiers. Unless women are more valuable to them young, untrained, and uninitiated.

Comfort Women and Camp followers suffered attrition from the natural consequences of communicable disease and abuse, allowing for a regular turnover of fresh stock. Pretending your soldiers don’t consume comfort women means having to be duplicitous about where you are dumping your bodies.

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A “1969 Project” Would Say the Moon Landing Didn’t Happen

The New York Times’ woke campaign “1619 Project” offers restitution for slavery with typical newspaperman philanthropy: the in-kind contribution! Thus “all the news that’s fit to print” gets trimmed by what isn’t centric to the African American experience, not for news in real-time but retroactively! The Grey Lady of Yellow Journalism is courting younger audiences fresh from history courses featuring personages created in their diverse image. As if the past is a pageant of participation awards, purged of the characters whose relevance used to be the making of history. Never mind how you got here, the study of history is now a showcase of what insignificant role you might aspire to when it’s your turn to play a part.

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Here’s Your Sign.

A study now indicates that people who’ve tested positive for COVID can have reduced cognative abilities as compared to an average population sample. Thus is consistent with the concern that some who are hopitalized for Covid-19 will emerge with permanent brain damage, among the myriad of other heartbreaking secondary outcomes. HOWEVER, without having tested the same group before infection, it is difficult to deny the probability that the virus is selecting for stupid. Not in the hospital emergency rooms I imagine, but maybe where it chooses between masked and unmasked…

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Make America Top Gun Again

BIDEN 2020
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Choose Your Womanizer

Would you rather a dick who can’t grab a pussy without making an ass of himself, or the establishment favorate who chaired the Anita Hill witch trial?

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Can Biden Get America’s War Machine Back On Track?

I'm Joe Biden and I Approve This Message.

The US media is sparing no effort to unseat President Trump by projecting landslide support for a return to a normal state of affairs, you know: wars, covert wars, and financial supremacy. Admitedly Trump is a constant and tiresome embarassment, but alas the Tump circus has also sidelined war and brought world peace. Try as the media might to restart the Cold War, our Clown-in-Chief befriends our supposed-to-be enemies and de-escalates the jingoist propaganda. And his baffoon act makes it impossible for career diplomats to pretend Capitalist America hasn’t always been a bullying asshole. Trump was the indictment which Ugly America deserved, yet deniers still RESIST, claiming he doesn’t represent them. Look in the mirror you mal-educated narcissists. Do you owe your vitality to infusions of Third World blood? Karma created Trump in your goddamn image. Now you’re hoping to enlist the Clinton-Bush-Obama good-times political machine to restore domestic calm so that warmongers, exploiters and profiteers can get the imperialist juggernaut back to cruising speed. Selfish Americans, you can’t even figure out that Team Biden is the uglier American by far.

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Whose racism are you protesting exactly?

SO “WOKE” America is protesting the racist brutality of capitalism’s hired thugs. What are the cops supposed to stop doing exactly? Are they supposed to let poor blacks breathe? Or stop killing poor blacks in such vivid disproportion? What an aimless message these riots bring! Of course the mainstream media is on board. Their theme is domestic unrest with an eye on regime change. It’s what they incite everywhere else. I’m surprised they haven’t labeled this a “color” revolution –except the color is already chosen and it’s their least favorite.

The only result of the visibility which the Black Lives Matter movement has brought to police lynchings is that now you hear regret that poor white criminals aren’t dished out the beatings reserved for blacks. Do we want more police brutality so long as it is equally distributed? Cops aren’t going to stop beating people. It’s their job. In an unequal, predatory economic system, cruelty is a cop’s function.

I also laugh at the celebrity blow-back at unfortunate white protesters who take up the chant “All Lives Matter” usually in earnest because their marches, reflecting their local populations, are mainly white. Their chants don’t negate “Black Lives Matter,” they broaden it. Face it, the BLM slogan is pedantic. Of course Black Lives Matter. The protesters are not illiterate and neither are the police, the supposed audience.

And BLM is such an inarticulate ask. Try “Drone Victims Matter!” Uh, agreed, but the US drone terror program is not going to stand down.

And “hands up” and “taking a knee” are demonstrations of submission. Ugh.

If the issue is in-the-line-of-duty lynchings, I’m sorry but there are unfortunates a rung below African Americans. Per capita, Native Americans die more often at the hand of law enforcement, and below them, the homeless. Constables have been “rolling” poor bums since antiquity. Vulnerable homeless are killed, white and black, in dark alleys, without witnesses sober enough to record it with charged cell phones and Youtube accounts at home. And without faith leaders to rouse their congregations, or order churchgoers to heel once the fundraising was done.

If the George Floyd protests are made to be about discrimination against African Americans in general, and not Floyd’s tragic death-by-cop, then who is co-opting the message really?

Fortunately these riots will prove a difficult genie to ride. Images of civil discord make Trump look bad, but the more violent they become, the more activated will be the middle Americans who cheer for order to be restored.

That same white middle class wants their landscapers and household help to be hispanic who won’t expect to be treated as equals. Immigrant labor is preferred for the same reason. The upper class don’t have to discriminate by skin color. If you are underclass, YOU Do Not Matter.

Supposedly all of America is expected to suppress its racism. That’ll happen when you cease showing deference to family members over strangers, or when you quit disabusing sports fans for rooting against your home team. Clans, schools, ethnicity, and nationality are natural constructs where people feel communal bonds. They are also the only instinctive means by which people find their strength in numbers. Strange we’re all being told to disavow those instincts.

Meanwhile ethnocentrism relating to religious affiliation, if you’ve got one, is still encouraged. Nationalism, when it comes to kicking other religious ass overseas is still applauded. What of that racism?

When cops start beating bank chairmen, when the international brotherhood of man includes the bosses who deploy the cops and not simply the dupes more easily oppressed with racist state terrorism, then we can consider integrating the role of police into our vision of a desirable community. In other words, it ain’t going to happen. Calls to disband or defund the police are great, but until people wield the political power to do it, the calls will be easily refused.

Focusing on race doesn’t unite people, and it doesn’t only divide black and white, it attempts to efface everyone’s chief means to draw individuals together in united fronts against their common foe. Once we’re all free we can talk about equality.

Now addressing the systemic repression of blacks is another matter. African Americans were not immigrants. They alone came to these shores without the promise of the American dream of making a better life for themselves. REPARATIONS and affirmative action, that’s the only recourse to attempt to redress such inequality of footing.

Join the protests if you want, but know they’re serving only the corporate agenda of international liberalism. If you’re all about that, do your best to pull the demonstrations toward the peaceful, lest our president benefit from the gesture of saving middle America from anarchy. But know that team .gov holds all the cards when it comes to inciting and even instigating the violence. They are both ANTI and FA.

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Trump almost apologized, blames empeachment,

The ‘phoney ‘ impeachment was real, but the Republican prosecutors, appointed by Trump,Republican judges and Republican Senators and enough Republican Congressmen who all chose Party over Country, abetted by Republican propaganda at FOX News, and even after the Dictator in Thief had Matt Schlapp threaten Republicans who didn’t sell their souls entirely to Trump.. Notable was Schlapp threatened UberKapitalist Mitt Romney.

It’s a dark reflection of the Gestapo courts, where the accused would have a PHONY trial, with a Gestapo attorney a Gestapo prosecutor and decided by a Gestapo judge.
“Legal” in the lowest degree. Donald knows that as his father was a racist supremacist elitist StormTrooper.

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sue Trump for medical malpractice and practicing medicine without either license nor clues.

Trump is a psychopath who gets sexually aroused by torture and murder. Like with the kids in ICE concentration camps. he has proxies do the dirty work and shield him from retribution.

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Whose picture is on the 1,000,000,000,000 bill?

Donald Fuck. Only it’s the wrong type of bill, like the time you went to a fancy restaurant with your wife and kids and maybe your siblings, and the waiter brings you a bill that’s somewhere around a thousand bucks but you left your wallet home…

yeah, THAT kind of bill. Now The Great Budget Slasher had a budget around a trillion and I have to remind people that a thousand X a thousand is a million and a million X a million is a Trillion. In hippy parlance is is expressed as “Dude, that’s a lot of bread!”

but the budget, historically somewhere in the red at every quarter… it had an almost reasonably recognized amount of bread. A little bit beyond half the estimate from the previous fiscal cycle.

And the Wall Street thieves pissed and moaned and breast-beating and dire predictions of the End Time and they’ll be moving their ill-gotten money offshore.

But this Trillion dollar $1,000,000,000,000 TeraBux actually is entirely unfunded.

but the same low-life 1% also bitched about (still do) how the dollar bill is an IOU and says so.

we are screwed.

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CSPD To investigate 10 Sheriffs deputies who beat unarmed shackled prisoner to death so you know that means…

it means the pigs are going to get away it , again.

and ten PIGS to beat down a Real Man who is unarmed and shackled. What wondrous heroes they are… And our beloved Klangaroo Kourts will quickly get these heroes back on the take err beat, yeah.. that’s the ticket… beat 10 against one again.

all you republiklan cops and cop suckers can talk as much as you want, YOU have free speech, but you sure do beat down anybody who talks back to YOU and usually only 4 PIGS if the the victim is shackled, you have 3 PIGS holding him so you can kick him in the face. Like your mommas taught you that.

Ten pig coward asswipes to beat down 1 shackled prisoners… fuck yeah I repeated myself. You gestapo bitches repeat yourselves… same thing every god-damn time, shackle a prison and beat him down, by multiple pigs, and you get videos of it, give copies of your ‘victory’ so you can jack each off to it, it’s what sadistic pukes to

make you horny. Just like your mommas.

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After Hitle… oh, I mean Trump incited a riot where he told the Neo-Brownshirts to kill Americans in America…

in short, Trump is claiming Imperial Privilege and his Fascist Goons aka RepubliKlan Cartel. The ‘president’ incited a riot in Virginia this past weekend, telling them to kill Americans in America. That’s Treason and Sedition and if McConnell and Trump wish to contest that the traitors can post a warrant.

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Stephen Miller Echoes White Nationalists In Leaked Anti-DACA Emails

so since do the Nazis a ‘secret’ agenda?
Miller organized the Nazi march in Charlottesville VA to demand that everybody in America must worship (with our taxes) the Civil War statues of murderous racist fucks as (especially) Nathan Bedford-Forrest who had 300 U.S. soldiers murdered and not one of his ‘men’ was prosecuted. As it was so it still is. Miller and murderer James Fields were only ‘following orders’. Ordered by a hidden entity even Chump fears, no doubt, because he ‘didn’t order the hits’ and he ‘doesn’t know who did’.

Meanwhile, the gaggle of goose stepping Republiklan preachers in the Senate have proclaimed a month after the El Paso Walmart Massacre 4 times announced Trump is the Messiah. So one more announcement of Biblical magnitude… one of the Demon Spawn relatives of the long-dead Shah of Persia is claiming the throne of Iran… just another Hereditary Dictatorship Trump and his minions, Like Miller, are trying to make it happen. And establish a Trump Dynasty in Murka. those there Right Wingers love them some Hereditary Dictatorship

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8 injured in random stabbing at America The Beautiful park

you just don’t get a headline that very often. Get me not happy of that. I could use a lot less of it. Teddy ‘potty panties’ Nugent will regal us with a boast that if he had been there he would have killed (not ‘harmed’) more targets because stabbing isn’t as effective as bullets.

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Canadian firm said ‘livid’ over Trump’s fascist attacks.

love the sentiment but livor is something you only experience after death.
Trump gladly boasts of his many felonies but hasn’t brought any such attacks on the part of Iran The Iranians detained ”hostages” but the U.S. jailed thousands of foreigners and when, at two being diagnosed very ill the Iranians released to the US. How many American dungeons psychotic jailers ever doing that even for American citizens. Who’s the savages now/then?

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‘revenge’ for WHAT?

Before my misguided stint in the Air Force ‘National Lampoon’ had a ‘revenge’ issue and on the cover showed a stereotyped Saudi being punched in the face. And the revenge was all about the Gulf kingdoms (and Mexico, and Cuba and Venezuela and a bunch of other petroleum sources) having control of their prices for their product. It’s like going into King Soopers with a gun and demanding the Kroger Cartel to give you the food at a price you like. And instead of going to a different store you start and maintain threaten the management and other customers until they ‘see things your way’. And one of the ‘revenge’ tactic was …What if our navy ahem… ‘deserted’ and ‘stole the ships’ and took up piracy. They posited ‘It wouldn’t be OUR fault if those bad men became the terror of the waves, now, would they?’ and pointed out that Queen Elizabeth the first did exactly that. And Episcopalians revere her as a protestant saint. And she had a whole lot of English people including her family KILLED because they had more claim to the throne. Not that I give 2 shits about hereditary dictators. ‘strange ladies lying in puddles distributing swords is no basis for kingship. if if I went about saying I was an emperor because a moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away! Say I was a loon!’ (one of my favorite quotes)

But back to the real absurdity and silliness, other than the Lampoon was advocating mass murder, there was a picture of a submarine displaying a Jolly Roger and the caption ‘yo ho ho and 3 dollars a barrel for Arabian Crude!’

Jimmy Carter refrained from threatening sovereign nations nor did he advocate killing people nor taking property of other people nor did he have himself the emperor of all the world.

That’s what Republicans do. That’s why he didn’t get re-elected. An Electoral College ‘win’ for Reagan because there were enough murderous a$$wipes.

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commander in thief wants to pardon himself by murdering allies

Trump the Draft Dodger wasn’t brave enough to fight so he had his minions do it for him. The military which invited to join right out of a Private ‘military’ Snob Factory academy just like his slumlord thief daddy and he, like Linsey Graham, dodged the draft. He is guilty of Murder and Treason and so is every one of you Skinhead Klan Fourth Reich cowards who supports him. You have blood on your hands. You have been guilty of the murders from the beginning, the StormFront and InfoWars wired up Adam Purington and the Church and Synagogue burners and bombers and gun “men” and the murders of children the immigration Concentration camps and the Walmart in El Paso. The so-called “angel moms” don’t protest anybody over any murder committed by Trump and his equally racist minions. he never fought just as he never work. Typical 1%. And miraculously in the middle of impeachment he has to bomb Iraq which is supposedly an “independent” nation supposedly “liberated” by the soldiers he’s sending back into hell. To hide his OTHER felonies. Ain’t working…

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US Assassination Team uses drone to smuggle missile past Baghdad Airport Security

COMMERCIAL AIRPORTS take great care to exclude weapons and explosives from their passengers’ bags and accessories. Why bother when authoritarians can bypass security regulations and restricted airspace with armed drones? US officials brag that they killed the world’s Number One Bad Guy, an Iranian major general named Qassem Soleimani, who they claim was responsible for American casualties. Naturally the precision airstrike killed Soleimani’s entourage as well, including Brigadier General Hussein Jafari Nia, Major-General Hadi Taremi, Colonel of the Guards Shahroud Mozaffari Nia, Captain Waheed Zamanian, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, deputy-commander of the Iraq’s People’s Mobilization Forces, and Mohammad al-Shibani, Muhandis’s son-in-law. No word yet on what their crimes are alleged to have been, had charges been brought and the group been summoned to a court of law, as would be done in any self respecting international law abiding society. Anyhow NBD, the U.S. of Assholes has traded its nocturn Seal Team raid Death Squads for MQ-9 Reaper drones guided by War Room extrajudicial assassins. And Yanks no longer shy away from Death’s Head nomenclature. We’ve gone from Predator drones to Reaper. Ha ha “Grim Reaper” get it? America Fuck Yeah! No, you dumbfuck blimpnecks, that drone is actually a sower. Of a grim harvest.

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merry fucking holidays for dedicated Fascists

yeah.... that Fascist symbol

Continue reading
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Texas church gunman kills two gunmen before being killed by next gunman

A gunman goes into a church –have you heard this one? Essentially the latest headline goes: Texas church gunman kills two armed churchgoers before being killed by yet another. That’s a lot of Texas church gunmen. Apparently when the shooting stopped even more worshipers pulled out their guns. Let’s see, the lesson about needing a gun to defend oneself doesn’t add up so well in this example. In Texas totting a gun to church means you have a one in three chance of surviving an attack by a fellow gun believer. Sunday’s two victims were armed after all and it didn’t save them. And if we think about this charitably, as we ought to because the first gunman, the troubled one, was a churchgoer himself, having a gun didn’t save him either, the actual odds become one survivor out of every four church gunmen. God rest everybody’s piece. So the lesson here is, don’t go to church! And especially not if you are packing. If a fellow troubled soul doesn’t shoot you, security will.

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Joe Biden admits he’s Republican

JOE BIDEN thinks he can sway voters by saying he’d consider a Republican as his vice-presidential pick. Then he explained about choosing a running mate: “Whomever I would pick, were I fortunate enough to be your nominee, I’d pick someone who was simpatico with me, who knew… what my priorities were and knew what I wanted to do. We could disagree on tactic, but strategically we’d have to be on the exact same page.”
How’s that for truth in advertising? Biden thinks he might be on the exact same page as what’s supposed to be the other party. HA.

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citylab asks: Why Won’t Millennials Join Country Clubs? Golf-centric clubs are on the wane, even as private membership organizations for Millennials are re-emerging in urban areas.

gosh, that’s easy. BECAUSE GOLF IS A STUPID GAME…

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