Using Hushmail

Hushmail is an internet privacy company that offers free email with the capability of encrypting email to other Hushmail users and other PGP users.

To send an encrypted email to NOT MY TRIBE, first go to Hushmail’s website and click “Sign up for secure free email”. If you plan on only using this email address this once to send us an email, you can automatically generate an email address (it will look something like After you create a new Hushmail account, sign in.

You can sign in by going to Hushmail’s website and typing your email address in the box on the left side of the screen and clicking “Sign In”. If you are using a free account, it will ask you to upgrade. Click the link to continue, and then enter your passphrase.

One you have signed in, at the top of the page click the “Compose” link. Enter in the To field, and type your email. Before you send it, click the “Message Options” tab. Make sure “Encrypt Message” is checked.

Make sure you click “Quit” on the top of the Hushmail page when you are done to sign out.