Affluenza: consumer-culture-centric.

Austerity Measures MISNOMER. Putting banking profits and privatization schemes before a nation’s ability to provide basic social services.

Blimp Neck: military type, Orwell.

Green Scare The Red Scare turns on environmental activists.


Hasbara Prototypical state funded internet propaganda.

Hasbarapocalypse Penultimate self-feeding frenzy.

Jesus Springs: aka Colorado Springs, Colorado, base camp for USA crusades.

Lawfare Frivolous lawsuits intended to influence political outcome.

Nature Deficit Disorder: See Thrillcraft.

Neobama: Existential incumbent candidate Obama.

Obama Obomber, Obummer, Obullshit

Obamapologist thinks everyone should be an Obamoptimist.

Peace’crats: Democrat pacifist rats

Pax Americana: peace by force, conventional or otherwise

Pox Americana The not-coincidental product of the US public’s failure to understand Pax Americana, or Pax.

Shitknitter: online wingnut circle jerk, internet birdbrains who coordinate their trolling. See Hasbara.

Subvertizing: to subvert advertizing.

Surge: escalation with planned memory obsolescence

Teabag: to avoid denigrating teabaggers, a Tea Party douche.

Teargas MISNOMER. Actually nausea inducing, respiratory arresting, puke-gas.

Thrillcraft Environmentally unsustainable recreational vehicles.

War Czar:

War On Islam: GWOT true axis.

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