Not My Tribe is published in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Brent thinkingBrent Green
Brent is a self-taught animator who was born in Baltimore, Maryland. His recent screenings include Chicago’s Sound and Vision festival; Chicago Filmmakers Presents When Autobiography is not the first person, curated by Chi-Jang Yin; Columbia College; The Pikes Peak Passion Festival in Colorado; The Chicago Underground Film Festival; the CMJ Film Fest in New York; Sundance; and the Getty. More >

JonahBrother Jonah
Honorably discharged air force. and proud of it. Proud of being out of the killing machine. Messed up in a preventable on the job accident, still having surgery after 14 years. Learned to play the recorder while laid up the first time. Christian Anarchist. Texan, but getting better… Computer fixer from the depths of Heck. Autistic, speech aphasia but I type one hell of a lot better than most people speak.

TonyTony Logan
I am a high school dropout, and have done every sorry job imaginable since I was 16. That includes cab driver, nurse’s aide, production machinist, garment worker, tamale maker, transporter of undocumented workers, drug pusher, sheetrocker, luggage factory worker, groundskeeper, vampire, and longshoreman. After a series of dead-end relationships, I have since become more stable as a family man during my 2 marriages. At times, I drink too much. In short, I am a typical American. More >

aka SpikaSpica Stolfus
Spica is a visionary poet, painter, sculptor, and performance artist. He teaches youth art programs at Future Self.

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EricEric Verlo
Eric has lent his wild speculation to The Black Dot, Crank Magazine, Aberrant Books, Armchair Commando, and up to recently his website (which now points here.) If you think Eric expresses himself like a know-it-all, consider that he doesn’t know near well enough to keep quiet. He harbors the not-so-secret suspicion that he is in reality not a little retarded for an idiot savant.

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MarieMarie Walden
Marie is not a white Rhodesian as previously claimed. She holds dual citizenship and would rather remain an enigma than be described here in a stoopid fashion.

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