About Tony

TonyI am a high school dropout, and have done every sorry job imaginable since I was 16. That includes cab driver, nurse’s aide, production machinist, garment worker, tamale maker, transporter of undocumented workers, drug pusher, sheetrocker, luggage factory worker, groundskeeper, vampire, and longshoreman. After a series of dead end relationships, I have since become more stable as a family man during my 2 marriages. At times, I drink too much. In short, I am a typical American.

I am also an atheist and communist, with anarchist leanings. I believe that America needs both a legal and illegal Left. Every other country has both, so why not here? The corporations have two parties, so why not all the rest of us?

Unfortunately I have a sleep disorder, so I write a lot of the time all grogged out. Even when I’m not drinking. Still, I hope to give any readers the courtesy and respect they merit. And food for thought.

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