The play that dare speak its name though I dare not

Fox5 news clipI just received an exciting call from LA. The Imagination Liberation Front wants to bring their acclaimed production of “I’m Gonna [bleep] [bleep] [bleep], a Capital Offense” to Colorado Springs. The cast is coming through town April 18. Details to follow. We’ll rendezvous at a designated time and place, then be led to the undisclosed venue.
I cannot tell you the name of the play without risking unwelcome surveillance. Follow this
link to see what this is about.

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2 Responses to The play that dare speak its name though I dare not

  1. Avatar CJ says:

    I was lucky enough to see their last Colorado Springs production with a group of friends–it was fantastic! I encourage anyone with a disdain for the current state of American politics to attend!!! Get ready to put on your thinking caps!

  2. Avatar CJ says:

    Crap–I just realized that this post was from April. Sorry. Hopefully this group will return to the Springs with a new piece in 2007!

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