3 thoughts on “Ten ways Dick Cheney can kill you

  1. Just don’t go “hunting” with him.

    He gets a little bourbon in him and he can no longer tell the difference between corn-fed tame ducks and a corn-likker fed wild texas lawyer.

  2. The Cheney girls just snuck into Colorado Springs like stealth bombers last week for a campus speaking engagement. This week’s issue of the Colorado student paper ran a clandestine report on their UFO appearance, where they were quoted as saying that Colorado College is a ‘magical place’, I guess with unicorns and all? Both were students there in the past, which helped them establish their world famous family values of using torture on others, and love of the suppression of democracy at home and abroad.

    Bang, bang girls! We love your dad! Be careful now, don’t want to have any more family accidents because of dad. (HInt, Hint,,,,Dept of Homeland Security, this is not a terorist death threat at all, but merely advice to the kids to watch out when daddy plays with his guns)

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