School of Americas send off
Some pictures of Elizabeth Fineron in action.

School of Americans closeup
Vigil for the 3000th soldier killed in Iraq
Monday noon vigil
Another noon vigil
Commemoration of Paletinian home demolitions
Another noon vigil
Noon vigil after Rumsfeld visit
Peterson AFB on anniversary of Hiroshima bombing
Protesting the war profiteers on 9-11
Elizabeth and Tony at Peterson AFB

Leading the procession for Cindy Sheehan
Addressing the turnout in Acacia Park
Signing the banner going to Crawford Tx
PPJPC membership meeting
About to be removed from St Patricks parade
Asking police not to leave her in the gutter
Addressing City Coucil
Discussing settlement for 2003 Dairy Queen Dozen
Bannering at Shriever AFB
Manning the peace table at a protest outside city hall
Wrapping up another stint at Academy and Fountain

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