1 thought on “The gap between haves and have nots

  1. Sticking her tongue out… How very appropriate.

    It would be almost pointless to well, Point Out, that she and her twin sister, after their College interlude, went on a tour promoting Daddy and his war, and the wonderful benefits of Military Service..

    Not, of course, like they themselves were going to enlist or anything like that.

    Don’t be Foolish, Dah-links, Military Service is only for foolish people.

    Silly peasants, don’t they realize that the way the deck is stacked, only those already rich are going to succeed with a non-military career.

    Kind of like Ashcroft saying how much he really wanted to be over there in VietNam with you guys, getting shot at and missed or shit at and hit… really he did but he Knew That If He Did it would deprive some poor Black Man of his Only Chance to Rise Above His Race and succeed in life, because the Military was the only “career choice” available.

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