What is PPJPC old blood trying to stop?

What information was the PPJPC staff trying to keep from their members by thwarting a meeting? Below is the text of the meeting invite. Not only is the staff discouraging activism, it will act to prevent it.

“I just got back from Denver in meetings with both ARD and R68, and boy is there a lot to report! Good ideas, lots of young energy, opportunities for us to participate, alliances possibly to avoid, and some serious organizers with which to network. We’ve now got posters and fliers to distribute, and contacts for the various events. Not just for the DNC but for upcoming campaigns and actions. The August 2 national DON’T BOMB IRAN rally for starters.

We definitely want to get the word out and discuss what Colorado Springs can add to the message(s). There will be a march for the poor, a march for prisoners’ rights, antiwar, immigration, etc, and the schedules and permits are evolving everyday. Access to Denver is going to be very restricted. Do you want to be apprised about that?”

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