Churchill juror Bethany Newill explains

A few interesting things about the Ward Churchill jury came to light today (a sigh of relief from Pirate Ballerina!). The jury thought — right up until the judge gave them their instructions — they were to determine whether Ward Churchill was guilty of academic misconduct. When they realized they needed only to decide only whether the 9/11 essay was a substantial motivating factor in his dismissal, they agreed very quickly that it was.

Although apparently the jury took their deliberations seriously, they didn’t want to have anything to do with the damages portion of the process. They hoped the judge would do the job for them but when they found out that wasn’t permitted, they gave it a half-hearted shot. This from Westword’s interview with juror Bethany Newill:

Once Judge Larry Naves reiterated that the jury had to tackle this task, Newill confirms that “the majority of us were in favor of giving him money,” but they didn’t know how much to award. “We were given a four-page set of rules to determine the amount, and there was also an option that we didn’t have to do it. And one of the rules said there needed to be a preponderance of the evidence to show the financial effect it had on Ward Churchill. And there was no real dollar amount other than the loss of wages.”

Ultimately, the jurors followed the lead of David Lane, Churchill’s attorney. “He said, ‘What price can you put on a reputation?'” Newill remembers. “And we all decided that there’s not a price you can put on a reputation. And even though this was protected speech, there are still consequences to your actions and your words. When Ward Churchill wrote that essay, he had to think that people would be affected by that, negatively or positively, and that he would need to reap the consequences on his reputation.” Still, she emphasizes that “it wasn’t a slap in his face or anything like that when we didn’t give him any money. It’s just that David Lane kept saying this wasn’t about the money, and in the end, we took his word for that.”

No doubt, a jury of peers! Just not Ward Churchill’s peers!

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  1. Dan what you don’t know could fill a fucking ocean. AIM has been at war with autonomous AIM chapters for years. The American Indian Movement that you link to is a state and corporately funded subsidiary corporation of the state. It is no longer in the spirit of the original American Indian Movement that was a national liberation organization. It is now just a non-profit. Those who still keep the original intent of AIM alive reside in the autonomous chapters like the one in Colorado, of which Ward Churchill is a part. You, however, wouldn’t know this. What’s even more disturbing is that you don’t care whether you know enough to opine on such subjects.

  2. Dan opines on all things, managing to raise the issue of the rehabilitation of Israel’s reputation in every post.

    But I am curious to hear this from the horse’s mouth: DAN, why are Israel/Zionism apologists so darn preoccupied with Ward Churchill?

  3. “Dan what you don’t know could fill a fucking ocean”

    I’m “3/16” American Indian, too.

  4. “But I am curious to hear this from the horse’s mouth: DAN, why are Israel/Zionism apologists so darn preoccupied with Ward Churchill?”

    I didn’t know Bill O’Reilly, who brought Churchill to light, is Jewish or a “Zionist” apologist.

  5. He’s a Fascist supporter of the Fascist Agenda.

    Ward Churchill merely reported on the Genocide committed by the same United States Army for which IDF is a Puppet Death Squad.

    That’s the alleged “crime” you Right Wing Death Worshippers accused him of.

    Including O’Reilly.

    Bill-do does exactly what you do,

    And exactly what Netanyahu does.

    Suck up to the Empire.

    You apparently don’t mind the fact that the U.S. Army is the only one in the world which has USED all three classes of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Nuclear, Chemical and Biological, but that they’re responsible for the deaths of more Americans than all other Armies combined…

    And that’s not even counting their genocidal War against American Indians or the use of Biological Weapons in that war.

    You and the rest of the ChickenHawk Racists are more upset about somebody Daring to Report it.

    Governor Owens told everybody straight up that the reason he was using the power of the State of Colorado to punish Churchill was because Churchill dared to challenge the Government Authorized version of history.

    You’re not even in the running for the Most Radical Right Wing Freak, so don’t flatter yourself.

    It’s not like Colorado has any lack of Toadies and Toe-rags, here in the Springs you can’t turn over a rock without uncovering a Government Suck.

    We’ve got ChickenHawk assholes here who insist that Ward Churchill reporting on the Genocide amounts to Treason and say that he should be publicly hanged for it.

    I bet, though, that you would enjoy seeing it.

  6. “Consequences” for Free Speech.

    You can say what you want but we reserve the right to punish you for doing it.

    That’s the kind of “Freedom” you espouse, isn’t it, “Dan”?

    You’ve already defended the Pigs beating people for daring to refuse to Grovel to them.

    I guess this is just a natural extension to that.

    No wonder you like the IDF murderers.

  7. “[Bill O’Reilly] He’s a Fascist supporter of the Fascist Agenda.”

    But, he’s not Jewish. Nor are the 20 academic peers of Churchill who found him involved with plagiarism and academic fraud. Nor are members of the American Indian Movement who have determined him not to have any Indian heritage. The conspiratorially-inspired accusation was Jews are somehow involved with persecuting Churchill.

    “And that’s not even counting their genocidal War against American Indians or the use of Biological Weapons in that war.”

    Are you not complicit given you are living on occupied land?

  8. “Governor Owens told everybody straight up that the reason he was using the power of the State of Colorado to punish Churchill was because Churchill dared to challenge the Government Authorized version of history.”

    I don’t think very many people in the academic community regard Churchill as a scholar.

  9. thats unbiased alright- done by Cu lol. It’s like the cops deciding what’s police brutality

  10. Yeah, Dan, your support for the American Pigs punishing people for talking back and saying things they don’t like, that pretty much sets the tone.

    I mean, you want to support THEIR abuses and the outright Lies THEY tell to justify their Cowardly actions (and, as you put in still another thread, the Megaphone thread iirc, you parrot yourself so much I’d have to check) you won’t do something like Directly supporting IDF by actually, you know, putting yourself at physical risk or even sacrifice the comfort and safety of your Rent Control Apartment…

    That means anything you say or write should be considered to be a lie.

    As for calling people “Crazy” or “stupid” for refusing to grovel to your Fascist Pig Leaders, well, Dan, your Pig heroes tried that once to justify one of their Cowardly assaults on me.

    The psychiatrists they were expecting to back them up on it, said that I’m not mentally ill.

    The “crazy” name-calling is not only childish but it’s one of the hallmarks of how your ChickenHawk friends and Leaders think and behave.

    “Toe Rag” incidentally, is the way your leaders perceive you and anybody else who is willing to work for them.

    If they ever realize your dream of living in a full-on Fascist Police State, Dan, the only use they’ll actually have for you is to keep their boots clean,


    Fortunately, those of us who actually take the “crazy” step of refusing to bow before your Leaders and their regime, we’re the ones who maintain any kind of freedom in America.

    Not the Military nor their backers, and certainly not you.

    Calling us “Crazy” or criminal for actually fighting for our freedom, Dan, that’s a failed attempt at a Smear.

    You can’t bring yourself to take the risk of Backing your Bullshit Up and you’re Leaders won’t allow you to Back your Shit down, and all you have left is the “crazy” sneer.

    Trouble with that, Dan, is it only impresses Losers who don’t or Won’t dare make the effort of thinking for themselves.

    Like I said, I really do pity you.

    also, Dan, your Leaders like Bush and Cheney and Netanyahu…

    They’re too cowardly to risk their lives, and will send Other People to do it.

    With Leaders like that, is it any wonder that people judge you to be a ChickenHawk as well?

    I mean, if you’re going to be a Follower all your life, at least pick somebody who has courage and integrity to follow.

  11. Dan, the “academic misconduct” was just demonstrated to be Perjury. on the part of the CU.

    One part of it was CU denies the Genocide against American Indians and Ward Churchill insisted on teaching the truth about it anyway.

    It would be like an English school-teacher being fired for not adhering to the British Official History that the Jewish Militants who committed so many acts of Terrorism against them were Terrorists.

    By YOUR standard, which is just a parrot-echo of what your Pig masters tell you, the hyphothetical British Teacher would be fired for teaching differently.

    And if the Teacher happened to be Jewish it wouldn’t be any kind of Racism or other form of bigotry either.

    See, Dan, here in Colorado Springs we have statues and monuments to the Genocidal Murdering Pigs like Chivington, Custer, Stanton, Palmer…

    All over the place.

    And plenty of Right Wing anger at any suggestion that Indians are just as much Americans and really, just as Human, as they are.

    Like the Historical Society punks who think it’s Treason to say that the U.S. Army ever committed any War Crimes.

    Former Governor Owens, for instance.

    That the CU Board of Regents are such cowardly boot-kissers they would join in to the Lynch Mob mentality is to their everlasting shame.

  12. “Dan, the “academic misconduct” was just demonstrated to be Perjury. on the part of the CU.”

    Wrong. CU was found to have wrongfully dismissed Churchill. Their verdict says nothing about the validity of the findings of academic fraud.

  13. Dan, the Injun says….. ‘I’m “3/16? American Indian, too.’

    Yes’ Dan’, sure you are…lol… And 100% of the Israeli Apologist Clown Tribe, one might add.

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