Stop recycling your aluminum

It’s been a foregone conclusion among eco-minded folk that foremost of the consumer waste, aluminum should be recycled. We don’t –but it comes from a curious development: we’ve run out. For some time now, we just haven’t had any aluminum to recycle. aluminum green Can you think of a food item of any value that comes packaged in aluminum? Evidently it escapes us. Now we don’t even have to put that bin out to the curb. Virtually the same can be said for glass and hard plastics. Where possible, we Do not recycleSTOPCYCLE.

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Beer cans, pots and pans, window screens, window frames, the parts that hold down carpet, auto parts, the casings from about half the electric motors in household appliances, bicycle parts, most of an automobile or similar gas motor, the heat sinks from computers, the casings from Hard Drives and older CD-ROM and floppy drives, about 10% of automobile rims, about half of motorcycle rims, half the weight of a transmission, the electric wires in about 5% of electric motors and in most electronic devices. Just off the top. Soda Pop cans.

    I do notice, people who drink a lot of soda and/or beer usually don’t seem to have the energy to recycle… ANYTHING.

    And, yeah, the packaging manufacturers do a really mean trick nowadays, it’s a multi-layer scrunchy plastic that’s got just enough aluminum in it to piss you off and neither the plastic nor the aluminum are recycleable. Annie Leonard did a segment highlighting that among many other things.

    It’s a curse of Fast Convenient Expensive Really-Unhealthy Poisonous “food” marketing. Just about anything you buy at MacDonalds or anyplace similar, not recycleable. They’ve got the recycle picture on it, the three bent arrows forming a triangle.
    On the burger packages that can’t be recycled, the soda cups that can’t be recycled…

    The raccoons learned not to eat the wrappers but the feral dogs never did, it’s kind of like the Midway Albatross situation.

    They’ve also got a pictoglyph of somebody throwing the wrapper in a trash can, that only one-offs the problem.

    I thought it might be a neat idea to get some info on the hiring at their printing centers, I would bet that Micky Dee doesn’t pay the slaves there any better than they do their burger floppers. I spelt it that way on purpose.

    But infiltrate a couple of temp workers or find a couple of regulars who are just pissed off enough to do it… change the picture of somebody throwing trash into a can over to somebody tossing his cookies into the can, man. As in the toilet.

    I could see the average McEater looking at the package and grunting to its mate “ooo… pretty picture look different, Ogg no see what exactly, just different”.

    Oggs mate replies “You gonna eat that? Me still hungry”

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  3. Eric Eric says:

    Excellent statement. I especially loved your parable about making a difference.

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