Churchill Trial starts off with a CU joke

Ward Churchill trial begins
DENVER- Opening statements were made and two witnesses gave their testimony today at the Churchill vs. CU academic freedom trial, while a hungry media waited. ROUND ONE, CHURCHILL. Details to follow.

1 thought on “Churchill Trial starts off with a CU joke

  1. AvatarTony Logan

    Strangely enough, some of the harshest criticism against Colorado University is actually being printed in the Denver Post! See… Littwin’s column: Churchill’s case should convict CU

    And even the reporting has fairly exposed what eh whole prosecution is really about… ‘Churchill was thrown to mob, attorney says’

    The assertion by the University Administration that it did not bow under political pressure from their own bosses is pretty lame and dishonest, since that’s just exactly what they did. What’s more, the whole world knows it, too.

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