PICS: Together we can fight Walmart

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3 Responses to PICS: Together we can fight Walmart

  1. Avatar LanarkLass says:

    Here’s a great idea I cannot take credit for: Walmart agrees to become a wholesale distributor only…to Mom and Pops.

    Thank you Jack Semple and company for showing up and speaking out.


  2. Avatar Paul P. Dale says:

    Eric, My apologies for junking your site up, but would you please send me grey-bearded Thomas’s email daddy. Thanks (delete comment)

  3. Avatar Ann Ominous says:

    It would be a win for WalMart too, they couldn’t accuse anybody of ripping them off.

    Ok, so they COULD make such an accusation. And probably would, the Capital Contingent are a bunch of chronic whiners.

    But they’re better suited as a warehouse than as a pleasant retail experience anyway.

    They wouldn’t have to spend money on TV ads nor would they have to pay people to act like they’re friendly.

    They DID fire one greeter a while back because the greeter had a stroke and literally couldn’t force her face into a smile. Which is a job requirement, you have to smile. And they won the case in court.

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