3 thoughts on “PICS: Together we can fight Walmart

  1. AvatarLanarkLass

    Here’s a great idea I cannot take credit for: Walmart agrees to become a wholesale distributor only…to Mom and Pops.

    Thank you Jack Semple and company for showing up and speaking out.


  2. AvatarPaul P. Dale

    Eric, My apologies for junking your site up, but would you please send me grey-bearded Thomas’s email daddy. Thanks (delete comment)

  3. AvatarAnn Ominous

    It would be a win for WalMart too, they couldn’t accuse anybody of ripping them off.

    Ok, so they COULD make such an accusation. And probably would, the Capital Contingent are a bunch of chronic whiners.

    But they’re better suited as a warehouse than as a pleasant retail experience anyway.

    They wouldn’t have to spend money on TV ads nor would they have to pay people to act like they’re friendly.

    They DID fire one greeter a while back because the greeter had a stroke and literally couldn’t force her face into a smile. Which is a job requirement, you have to smile. And they won the case in court.

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