Denver March Against Neo-Feudalism, Revenge of the Wage Slave, Fri. July 6

July 6, Occupy Denver march against neo-feudalism

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6 Responses to Denver March Against Neo-Feudalism, Revenge of the Wage Slave, Fri. July 6

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    All the formulations for this march are so off base and out of touch with basic American political realities that it makes one simply want to scream!!!!!! DUNCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are the organizers of it trying simply to get the small amount of people who will participate in this event as isolated from other Americans as possible? What is the reason for such silliness… a march against ‘neo-feudalism’?

    It’s a little too punk rockish in rhetoric for most people, Jack. Most of us don’t really want to participate much in The Tear Gas Left …uh… ‘storm’. Is it ‘revenge of the wage slave’ as advertised, or more likely is it dead end of the party time ultra ultra Left rif-raf?

  2. Eric Eric says:

    So don’t go. But I’m guessing the invite is extended to you anyway, even though your own expertise on rallying support doesn’t have victories to recommend it. You’ll be more credible when you’re shouting from the head of a bigger march than they.

    But I jest. Occupy Denver is reaching out to people you’ve never successfully attracted either.

    I think this is a brilliant description of what it means to be anti-capitalist. And really it’s all hyperbole. The event will be whatever its participants make of it.

    Get out of the way, the revolution isn’t waiting for your go-ahead. Too bad you want to be a heckler.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    It is a sad day when tactics , and very bad and mistaken tactics at that, cannot be discussed on a blog that supposedly dedicates itself to examining such things. Are we merely supposed to cheerlead whatever moronic action is taken by Occupy’s leaderless leaders, even though Occupy is rapidly in a radioactive decay because of its endless number of organizational and programatic atomic errors, Eric?

    You know, to talk about these things is not to be a ‘heckler’ either. It is not to be in the way of the REVOLUTION, spelled out in caps supposedly for any nonsense that might be acted on by the so called STORM THE EMPIRE Ultra ultra crowd.

    So Eric, put me down with all the sarcasm you can muster … I don’t care. When I see mind boggling stupidity like this street theater temper tantrum rabble is looking to engage in with the cops, then I will mention my personal opinion of it. I will not be a conformist just because these morons supposedly are on the same side of the barricades as I am on. (They’re not, really… anyway. Get it?)

    We need to be able to oppose Establishment politics, without acting as if we are juvenile delinquents. And it’s not just my age speaking either. I was opposed to such sorts of political stupidity way back beginning 45 years ago. Why? Because they lead to extremely negative results, Eric.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    PS- I actually love the poster because it’s kind of funny really. It’s kind of grunge rock morphed into a style of grudge rock style … that is if it was a poster just for a small avante guard rock band playing at some seedy punkola nightclub or the other. But it’s not.

    The designer of the poster has some real talent but not talent for anything designed to improve Occupy’s already flopped out rep with the general public, that simply sees the group as being mindlessly out to look for a street rumble with the uniforms all the time. The poster says to them, that hey we of Occupy are simply looking for it!

    ‘Let’s trash some buildings, roll some cans on fire and taunt the cops at hide and go seek.’

    Hey, let’s not already.

  5. Eric Eric says:

    Your objection is duly noted. But calling them “very bad and mistaken tactics” or “whatever moronic action” or “programmatic atomic errors” or “mind boggling stupidity” is not TALKING ABOUT strategy, it’s heckling. When you’re saying no more than DON’T DO THAT about activism, and suggest no alternative, you’re advocating inaction.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    What you say here is simply not true. As you well know, I have made plenty of suggestions time and time again for actions and also suggestions on how to formulate political slogans and signs, many of which you have actually chosen to mobilize yourself with while using. For you to then go on and now call me a ‘heckler’ and inactive-do-nothing simply because I do not like THOSE slogans and actions that suggest that Occupy wants to merely street brawl with its continually diminishing numbers against the police in suicidal manner is simply dishonest on your part. Why don’t you admit that?

    In short, what you call ‘activism’ is only activism for a very small number of ultra left types, and not for any broader groups of the population. They will not be there tomorrow, even if you are out beating your drums at the event. That may be YOUR THING, but it simply is not mine, and I don’t mind saying so.

    When flyers and actions seem almost completely calculated to turn off the general public, then I think it wise not to celebrate that course of reverse angled action, as you have done, Eric, but rather to reflect on finding a better and different course of action instead. Occupy Denver in fact has planned many other activities, all of which are much more coherent than the one activity that you highlighted to move into gear on. Simply go to and check it out for yourself about what I am talking about here.

    Even the activities around Dream Act legislation that you haven’t liked at all, are far far superior than demonstrations attacking whatever ‘neo-feudalism’ might mean to the ultralefts that came up with that silliest of all formulations????

    And just what does ‘revenge of the wage slave’ suggest doing? Breaking some window at a Starbucks, perhaps, pulled off by some street kid who is half plastered (or entirely so even?) on his herbal ‘medicine’ while you drum him on from the safety of the nearby sidewalk, or shoot a photo of his vandalistic prank?

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