Verizon doesn’t want to hear you now

Verizon doesn't want to hear you now
OCCUPIED COLORADO SPRINGS- A photo from this weekend’s march against SOPA supporters AT&T and Verizon. SOPA and its House of Lords twin PIPA are not dead, their sponsors are playing possum until public outcry blows over. When Occupy freezes over –not even.

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3 Responses to Verizon doesn’t want to hear you now

  1. Avatar Pubilious says:

    Why doesn’t Occupy picket Union Halls?

    The Center for Public Integrity found compensation for leaders of the 10 largest unions ranged from $173,000 at the United Auto Workers to $618,000 at the Laborers’ International Union of North America, and almost $480,000 for the president of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees. The latter is the target of GOP governors in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Kansas.

    The union reports, filed with the Department of Labor, list compensation for all union employees and officers. Salaries make up the biggest portion, but other benefits can include tens of thousands of dollars for meal allowances, mileage allowances and entertainment. Health care and pension contributions are not specifically addressed.

    The reports show that assets of the various labor unions run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and payrolls rival midsize companies. Among the Top 10 unions, dozens of top officials have salary-and-benefit packages that rank them among the top percentage of income-earners in the country.

    Talk about over-compensation – but that wouldn’t fit in with your socialist view of the world.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Pubilious, your idea that union corruption might somehow be the grand issue of the day in the US of A is truly comical. I bet you would just love it if Occupy and/or the Tea Party Repuga-darknite crowd would march on union halls and burn them down to the ground so that people like the Walton family would be yet happier than they already are with their googles of billions of dollars they sit on with their precious golden asses, wouldn’t you? Always there you are defending the Big Business thieves of the world, you are! Godda just love you, Far Right Dude! You are consistently fugged up!

  3. Avatar lorena says:

    i have also brought up this issue pub. and the answer i get? the unions are voted on. as are the members and leaders etc….(or so i’ve been told). that is unlike many super pacs or even corporations. i agree that the pay these guys get is disgusting but its up to their members to hold them accountable. or so i’ve been told

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