The Every Cinco de Mayo Piñata Bash

DENVER, COLORADO- Anonymous dedicated May’s Every5th to victims of Denver police violence. For Cinco de Mayo, Anons brought PINATAS in the likeness of the DPD! Many “Every Cinco” attendees were victims of the pepper spray incident of April 29, when DPD riot cops tried to exterminate its infestation of stubborn marchers by fumigating them with cayenne pepper. In response, Anons considered macing the piñatas, but aerosol wasn’t going to bust these piggies open and guests were eager to get to the chocolates and FTP pins inside. Participants took turns whacking the pigs with UMBRELLAS, Occupy Hong Kong’s answer to pepper spray. After an interminable beating the pigsters gave up.

The EVERY CINCO bash on the west steps of the capitol

Three little piggies

Blindfolded Anons

Preparing to spike



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2 Responses to The Every Cinco de Mayo Piñata Bash

  1. Avatar david anderson says:

    Piñata Pig
    I heard a quiet and soft laughing sound coming from behind me,
    I turned and looked up at the Capitol dome; She was smiling and then she softly whispered, “Finally! the people are doing on the outside what the Politicians are failing to do inside”
    When Gov. “Howdy Doody Hickinlooper” was ask for comment, he responded;
    I have a great deal of empathy for Piñata Pig as I also am on a string.
    A request was presented to the Gov. for one free parking space at the Capitol for the creator of Piñata Pig

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