Denver homeless kids are reclaiming their RIGHT to SIT on 16th Street Mall

DENVER, COLORADO- Denver street kids are standing up against DPD harrassment, SITTING DOWN. It isn’t orchestrated, it’s barely organized, a CBS affiliate covered the first arrests, but since last Wednesday, these homeless activists have been defying riot cops and orders to disperse, suffering several citations and arrests every day. As of Tuesday AM, two arrestees remain jailed, one of them bonded with a condition of area restriction preventing him from rejoining the protest.

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4 Responses to Denver homeless kids are reclaiming their RIGHT to SIT on 16th Street Mall

  1. Avatar John Burns says:

    Why isn’t the ACLU involved it’s a person’s right to protest cops need to learn the law not break it

  2. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    oh, they are. We’re not at the beginning of the movement. There have been lots of court battles about this, some favorable. The system is deliberately rigged to not act quickly.

    There’s an example Plessy v Ferguson, where the Supremes ruled that segregation could be permitted if services and facilities were equal. This was in 1896. Brown v Topeka was decided in 1960 which is a long time to demonstrate enough evidence that segregation could not be done with equality. 64 years. In the next 8 years Dixiecrats were lighting the movement for equality on fire. Literally. They even bombed churches with black congregations. It’s happened before and since, but the most famous was the 16th St Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama 15SEP1963. They dynamited a Sunday School. Kids killed.

    There are several court cases going on in Denver, This One is about one such ongoing court action. The Denver Courts including and especially their pet cops have declared it illegal to mention to Jury Duty candidates that they don’t have an obligation to convict defendants.

    Will it take as long to change the laws as it did to put down Plessy v Ferguson? There are still issues being debated in court about Brown v Topeka. That’s a hundred and ten years and still isn’t completely resolved. It’s even an election issue. This year.

    There are many candidates for various offices including the Trump candidacy who are stating flatly that Muslims, no matter where they were born or their citizenship status, should be segregated.

    There are no descriptions I can think of that would do “justice” to the actual legal debates going on in America right now, with the plaintiffs demanding that one Religious group should be stripped of their First Amendment rights. That was the Bill of Rights which amended the Constitution. Because the Constitutional Convention voted the Bill of Rights out. September 17th 1787.

    So, yeah, it’s taking quite a while. Religious freedom as long as it’s state sanctioned. Freedom of speech unless the Denver Police State declares otherwise.

    It’s going to take more than court actions or executive decrees or congressional approval. The people have to nudge the State to do right. All these issues interweave.

    Power to the People, Right On! Our power, such as it is, to inflict on the Regime such difficulty in implementing their sick, sadistic agenda, so they’ll modify their behavior to conform to the People.

    Not “the people conforming to the Fascist Agenda”. It’s still possible. It’s been done. Nowadays slavery is illegal and there isn’t a Casualty Count done daily on the 6 o’clock news coming from Saigon. Enough victories to fuel the next round of hope for new victories.

    I get carried away a lot. it’s cool as long as I’m not being carried in handcuffs or on a stretcher. So I’d better get down before i break the soapbox.

  3. Avatar Business Owner says:

    The same “kids reclaiming their right to sit” kicked the ahit
    Out of a man and his wife over the weekend. They need to be evicted…

  4. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    How many, exactly who, and how would we know that the perpetrators were part of the occupation? How would YOU know?

    Would that be something like the Central Park Five? You know the ones, Trump recently spewed out the same venom against them, even though they were finally acquitted of a crime that Somebody Else Did. One person and not even in the group, and didn’t even know the Central Park Five.

    Donald Trump says they should be executed anyway.

    Maybe he would call for the Death Penalty for the Denver PIGS WHO MURDERED MARVIN BOOKER IN HIS JAIL CELL?

    Maybe you could use your business contacts to call for ummm… a lot less drastic sentence for the Pigs. Public Flogging comes to mind. As I understand, Marvin wasn’t actually convicted for anything and apparently was ARRESTED FOR PANHANDLING AND LOITERING.

    I say public flogging because the Pigs usually do their murders in locked isolation cells with only their Fellow Pigs as witnesses. And the assaults that don’t result in immediate death.

    Maybe you could give some legitimacy to your claim by calling for similar investigations against the Denver and Colorado Springs and Teller County and Fremont County and Park County you see where this is heading? and prison guards, they’ve proved themselves to me and many others to be pure cowardly sadistic scum. Does that sound very “painting with a broad brush”? I hear from my friends even, “Oh, you can’t judge all by the actions of a few”

    Yeah, have a REAL investigation into the assault you claim happened. And have a REAL suspect rather than saying that all the kids involved, if they were kids, if they were all or even one of the perpetrators was/were involved, PROVE that ALL or even most of those you accuse with your Broad Brush.

    I would bet a job that you won’t. How about it? You prove beyond any shadow of doubt, just like we’re admonished to judge the actions of the Pigs, with absolute proof, or give me a job. Not a welfare handout make-work job. A Real Job where i would make Real Wages for doing Real Work. Simple, right?

    You a betting man? Go to the casino at all? That’s a pretty light gauntlet thrown down, isn’t it?

    YOU judge the cops with the same cavalier attitude you give us or let me work for you. I can repair and maintain computers, software and hardware. That would surely be a valuable commodity.

    Post the following, before spouting off one more time… just post this… IF more than two people were involved in the alleged assault the injuries would be really severe, the kids you’re blaming Without Specifying Which Of Them Actually Took Part would be identifiable and if you can’t bring that level of proof you have no case. None. Put up or shut up. I don’t care if you spout off, that’s just fresh meat for our wolves.

    You can embarrass yourself all you want and we’ll help. I’m not ordering you to shut up or face a beating, that’s what the Cops do. All you would face would be the scorn of people you’re trying to impress. That’s all. No beatings, no other criminal actions.

    Just you get to publicly shame yourself with wild accusations, none of which are proved. Me, I know which pigs beat me up, and have even tried to work within your (Rigged in favor the Rich and their Pet Cops) to have them removed from a job where they get to Beat People Sometimes To Death.

    Hold yourself to the same standard of evidence the Ku Klux Kops and their Kangaroo Kourt judges and prosecutors demand of US.

    Do that once, prove me wrong.

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