Donald Trump to pick turnkey running mate after the election: Dick Cheney

It’s becoming obvious that Donald Trump is nothing but a spoiler, saying whatever pollsters can contrive as beyond the pale for any reasonable voter. Trump is a shoein for the populist vote yet he persists in alienating everybody. Even an idiot can pass for a candidate if he keeps his mouth shut. Trump is not even fool enough to be an idiot. No, he’s playing a carefully unscripted role as foil to Despicable Hillary. If in the unlikely event of the Democratic ship tanking beyond salvage, what will Trump do as president, a day job with a surfeit of non-bimbo obligations and a White House to which he can’t affix his logo? He’s going to delegate of course, and Trump’s no dummy so he’ll hire a vice president with a track record of success beyond all others. Dick Cheney performed for Dubya Bush and can do the same for Donald.

1 thought on “Donald Trump to pick turnkey running mate after the election: Dick Cheney

  1. This is one of the issues where I started daydreaming in Civics class. I know the President is term limited. But i don’t recall about the President of Vice. An even more powerful position would be Sec. of State. That one I’m sure of. Pure bureaucrat, almost. Kissinger leaps to mind.

    But at that moment in class I was watching bees. No, really. One of the science teachers had a beehive. And I was next to a window.
    And to paraphrase somebody I don’t recall, “the rest is history.”

    on the other hand, Cheney probably still steers policy. The ultimate shadow puppeteer. On a lighter note, that stolen heart he has will give out. Nothing to see, citizen, keep moving.

    That last is the most outrageous. Supposedly the regulatory committees of transplant organizations have strict rules, including risk factors like behavior. When Cheney got so intoxicated he couldn’t tell the difference between a 3 pound bird and a 190 pound corrupt East Texas Lawyer, his doctors had warned him about drinking while using the pacemaker. How does a behavioral and physical risk like that get glossed over to the point he gets to the top of the transplant list? Kidneys and liver can be done from live donors. To a point. Liver you only need a few million cells (that’s less than a quarter of an ounce of tissue) and some viable cells on the host livers’ stem.

    But for a heart, somebody had to die. The theory is deemed preposterous by Those Who Would Be At Least Embarrassed By the theory, but Mr Cheney has plenty of resources and has US soldiers killed on a regular basis (Think: Halliburton controlled war zones) so on that side of the equation it’s really easy, and if somebody asked he’d just tell us to fuck ourselves.

    The other side is much more frightening. Getting a dead donor is easy. Getting to the top of the transplant list ain’t.

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