Standing Rock National Guard mistake themselves for indian war reenactors.

STANDING ROCK SIOUX ENCAMPMENT, CANNONBALL, ND- National Guardsmen mistook Standing Rock as an opportunity to suit up for a reenactment of the old Indian War tradition of murdering unarmed prayer encampments.

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  1. Got this from Truthout… as of yesterday afternoon.

    “Although construction of the Dakota Access pipeline is at a partial legal impasse, tension keeps building. An increased militarized response to the activism has dominated the demonstrations. Both sides have accused the other of using coercive measures. Law enforcement claim prayer protesters are armed.”

    I suppose the National Anti-Human Guard haven’t noticed that the police and army (supposedly separate entities without a shared agenda) are very very extremely armed. And the assessment of what constitutes “weapons” are kitchen knives, other eating / cooking utensils, (They’re considered that for not only parolees but anybody who has any criminal record INCLUDING TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS, yeah, it is that draconian) laser pointers and the Chanupa which is sometimes translated into Basic White as “peace pipe”.

    Expect some drama. Piggies will boo-hoo (see any craigslist postings concerning these actions, you’ll catch a brain-full of cop and back the badge crybaby bullshit) that propaganda is a weapon.

    Propaganda is a church term, actually, it means planting seeds. It’s the Roman synonym for Broadcast which is the way people in europe planted grains, they’d have a sack of seeds and put their hands in, scoop out some seeds and cast them broadly. Put into a war setting, Lord Haw-Haw was hanged for broadcasting pro-Nazi propaganda which could be picked up by anybody with a radio in most of Europe and the british isles.

    There’s about four pages of the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism” Act and further legislation about people obstructing the Global War on Terror bullshit and endangering any coalition soldiers in any way… including negative propaganda…

    Look for the Governor of North Dakota to ask for Regular Army troops to augment the already massive police state extremist presence.

    Obama has 4 months to do it and if either Hill or Donald is elected, you can bet a thousand percent of your ass and mine as well they will be in perfect collusion with such an action.

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