Trump not welcome in Denver July 1st

3 thoughts on “Trump not welcome in Denver July 1st

  1. My youngest brother, upon hearing that Donald was in Denver, came up with a novel solution. Capture him and deport him to Mexico. My brother lives in Arlington and the people there, sometimes, make the King of the Hill characters seem mental giants. God i hate that show, people that dumb and they speak the same way I do, meaning Idiom and Accent. Anyway, there are some particularly loud ones who just despise anybody who isn’t from There. Not just those who are from foreign nations nor even those from other states. People who come from other counties in Texas. People from other towns in Tarrant County. They’ve been conditioned generation to generation to fear anybody who isn’t exactly like them. And their fear turns to Hate and violence quickly.

  2. I don’t know if Donald actually hates that deeply or if he is just making money from other people’s hate.

  3. This whole thing looks more like a hustle. Since it has already and always perceived as a scam in any case, that’s a good jumping off point. Perhaps all the parties involved think it’s a secret that both major parties are trying desperately to lose. The election of course.

    They’re elbows deep in bloodshed and plan more isn’t unknown, isn’t hidden at all, yet…

    The coming phase of the endless war is going to be more unpopular and disgraceful that no career politician or group thereof wants to be identified by it. There’s the epithet of “Johnson’s War” on VietNam, but the Saigon government was boosted and financed by Truman through Ford. But they were only the executives. Herbert Hoover was president 4 years then basically dropped off the face of the earth. J Edgar Hoover stayed in a position of real power for 50 years and died in office.

    And, not one single vote was held to grant J Edgar that kind of power. We could just as easily have elected chimpanzees or kittens to the Presidency and never changed the balance of power.

    That, by the way, is a Duh! moment. It’s a constant shadow and needs to be expressed occasionally.

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