An Iraqi remembrance

Holiday season event, date to be announced.

When we dismantled the 1900 CROSS IRAQ WAR MEMORIAL on October 13, we recited the names of all the US soldiers killed in the war in Iraq. Recalling the recitation of the American names, CAMP CASEY will next attempt to memorialize the people of Iraq who lost their lives.

This remembrance performance will require a chorus of at least twelve people, half male, half female, half of each of them children. A larger group can certainly be accomodated, as long as the make-up remains three parts men, three parts women, three parts boys, three parts girls.

As a lead vocalist reads the first names from the official list of US casualties, the chorus will punctuate each American name with a rythmic chant of Islamic first names to represent the Iraqi dead. Each member of the chorus will be assigned a set of four Islamic names, appropriate to their gender.

Between each American name, the chorus of twelve people will simultaneously chant four names in quick succession:
“Abdallah, Saleh, Sabah, Jabbar.”
“Qasem, Ahmad, Ali, Nusseir.”
“Yahya, Yaseen, Khaled, Ammar.”
“Ziyad, Taha, Nayef, Munther.”
“Hameed, Salah, Leith, Wahhab.”
“Mushtaq, Riyad, Basem, Mahdi.”
“Aziz, Nafe, Omar, Shiya.”
“Hussein, Dia, Jalal, Abbas.”
One man and one boy would voice a base rhythm of “Mohammad, Mohammad, Mohammad, Mohammad.”

The effect will be to have 48 Iraqi names called out for every American name, two thousand times.

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