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Obama drops Cuba from terrorism list, but should Cuba, or anyone, drop the US from their watch list?

Who is the most prolific supporter of terrorism? Even if you exclude state terrorism, economic terrorism, war, or proxy war, the US and its corporate partners are the undisputed heavyweights of sponsoring covert, behind the scenes, terrorist acts. A special ops veteran once told me that his standard issue combat rifle was the Kalashnikov.

I’m going loroco thinking about you!

OK I don’t know just why, but I’m going loroco thinking about you! LA PUPUSA MAS GRANDE DEL MUNDO — Well who took the real fast food away from the US? Imagine if we had vendor carts downtown in Acacia Park here in Colorado Springs? Imagine if we had a community? What happened? Don’t think dirty now… but I want a pupusa! Yuh know what I mean? You can take your cow, but I want a pupusa! And it’s naco to call for a taco when what you really want is a pupusa! Imagine food vending carts full of REAL fast food instead of CHAIN food product? Imagine a street full of life, parks full of life, and your life full of life? All that’s missing in the USA. We let them take that away from us. And it’s making me go loroco!