Antipersonnel by design

Green Parrots memoir of a war surgeonIt is reported that Israel used one million cluster bombs in Lebanon. Half in the final hours of their pull-out.
One of the very sorry consequences of cluster bombs is that many unexploded bomblets are left to litter the streets and countryside. The bomblets are commonly bright yellow in color and attract the eye of small children. The bomblets explode when the children pick them up.
You’d think that maiming children could not be purposeful. Heaven forbid accusing Israel of such an intention. Surely child casualties are only a collateral product of war!
Until you consider a weapon nicknamed the Green Parrot. These antipersonnel mines are scattered by helicopter and are painted bright green. Unlike conventional mines which are concealed and detonate when stepped upon, Green Parrots are meant to be noticed and picked up by children.

Also called toy mines or flying mines, the small winged cylinders look like toy birds and explode when held.

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  1. Avatar Tony says:

    The estimates I have seen are that there are 500,000 remaining, unexploded bomblets from these cluster bombs that were spread by a Jewish army into the lands of the Arab civilian population of Lebanon. And with the full support of the Christian fundamentalist influenced NUTS running our country one might add.

    Obviously, there will be no winning of Arab or Muslim ‘Hearts and Minds’ now, and no desire to actually ever do so was ever on the US and Israeli planning boards, neither. What this amounts too is a pure and lasting pogram on Arabs and I have no doubt that German Christans of the past would have used this same weaponry inside of Jewish ghettos during WW2 if this anti-personnel ordinance had been available back then.

    One has to be absolutely amazed at the level of Zionist hypocrisy, that always has Israel killing and maiming children of another culture, race, and religion, and yet all the while Israle’s apologists are accusing Palestinians of being the ‘terrorists’.

    Funny this word, ‘terrorism’, too. I never heard it used in conjunction with describing the NAZIs. Clearly the NAZIs were terrorists who targeted children of other cultures though. And I never heard it used (within the US) describing the USA in SE Asia, even as napalm and other chemical weaponry was widely used on civilians by American troops in those lands. Go figure there…

    And of course, it is verboten to the Zionists to call Israeli troops ‘terrorists’, too. But then, what can you call such people that spread 500,000 unexploded bombs into another people’s living space? Certainly this is not the action of humanists now….? It is the action of terrorists, is it not? We have a ‘war on terrorism’ waged by terrorists!

    LABEL- Made in America.

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