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Romney tries to rally his racist supporters by arousing ire of NAACP

Mitt Romney went today to the NAACP national meeting in order to rally his own White racist supporter base, who dislike him because he is a Mormon, but hate Obama even more because the is Black. By getting booed by the NAACP he showed his supporters in Redneck America that he may be a rich Mormon, but he ain’t Black at least, nor for what the Black people want either. So Rednecks, come out and vote for Mitt! Don’t just stay at home and sit the election out. It was a disgusting performance f(art) by the Republican Party.

I don’t believe I have ever seen such an insincere, calculated, and YES, outright creepy speech in my life. Check it out! To the NAACP it must have been as if they were watching a cobra in action. Speech by Mitt Romney at the NAACP Convention 2012

ACLU annual meeting and Spring Forum

Tuesday, April 15, 7 PM, Slocum Hall, Colorado College. SPRING FORUM: THE COLORADO PARTY CONVENTIONS: PROTECTING FREE SPEECH & PUBLIC SAFETY. Main speaker: Taylor Pendergrass, staff attorney Colorado ACLU; with Jan Martin, Colorado Springs City Council; Bill Sulzman, local activist leader; Steve Liebowitz, Deputy Chief of Police; Dennis Apuan, Vice-Chair, El Paso County Democratic Party; and moderator Clara Anne McKenna, Colorado Springs ACLU. Once again, will audience participation be limited to 3×5 cards selected and screened only by Clara?