Gold Hill Love Canal

Mound of trailings undeveloped until nowCheck it out! Someone finally got permission to build atop the gold trailings. After decades of hauling dirt from the gold mines in the mountains, Colorado City wound up with an enormous mound of extraction mining offal. For years an Australian conglomerate was negotiating to remove the last bits of gold through cyanide leeching.

Anyway you couldn’t build on a pile of dirt, especially a pile of dirt still saturated with so many mining poisons.

But somehow developers have been given the go ahead. As long as they add topsoil. As long as prospecive inhabitants are warned not to keep gardens, or dig, or drink from the sprinklers, or spend too much time in their basements. Because of the Radon.

They want to call it Gold Hill Mesa. But a man-made hill is called a mound. And it’s not gold, it’s a pile of cast-off trailings left by the mill. It would do better to be called the Love-of-Gold Mound, or Love Canal for short, because there is a precedent. And we can have Al Gore come condemn it now.

1 thought on “Gold Hill Love Canal

  1. It’s a Sand Dune, with no foundation.
    yeah, and poisonous too.

    and of course the shit leaches into Fountain Creek, then past the confluence it flows down and poisons Fountain, and the Pueblo, which has more federal employees than Washing Tundy Sea. Then it flows into the major river systems feeding the Rio Grande and the Red River, the Sabine, into the gulf of Mexico….

    Have you noticed, like I did when I first set eyes on it 3 years ago… nothing grows on it? I have weeds in my yard that i would swear if I was stupid enough to use that residential version of Agent Orange, RoundUp, and poured a whole gallon on one weed the weed would say something like “Feed me, Seymour” and give that evil Audrey laugh…

    But none of those weeds are growing on the “mesa”.

    And, 4 years from now, approximately, that honkin’ big mega-apartment complex they’re putting up there, subsidized by Us, is going to do what all very heavy structures do when parked on a big hill of sand…
    Slide right down into the Creek Bottom.

    Isn’t it simply hilarious that the people who are pushing this massive corporate welfare, government waste at it’s worst, call themselves “Conservatives” and even Christian?

    Seems like I remember Jesus using the idea of building a house on sand as a parable for something extraordinarily stupid.

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