Mini Metro-Mite

Metro-Mite saves you money
One of my most cherished possessions, a 1963 International Harvester Metro-Mite, here disguised as a delivery step van the size of a children’s toy passing for a promotional piggy bank pretending to be for a kid.
I can’t find the facsimile right now so I have to settle for this picture.

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19 Responses to Mini Metro-Mite

  1. Avatar Helen says:

    Why on earth with this be your prized possession?

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Thank you for asking!

    Because it took me a year to convince the owner to sell it to me, and weeks to sand and paint it in my friend’s front yard according to a color scheme designed by my sisters, into the adorable little bookmobile it is today. The one above is just its miniature I found on Ebay.

    Making a call at Midland International School in Colorado Springs

  3. Avatar Maurice says:

    Hi there, just bought one of these cute vans, how many are there left.
    Still runs, will need to strip the paint, little rust.
    What can you tell me about it, mine has a 1500cc british engine.

  4. Avatar Jonah says:

    Beats living anything out of a Hummer.
    My contention is that something as big as a bus, gets the same mileage as a bus, should be used a a bus.

    Or to carry large heavy loads. Like lots of books.
    I personally am not able to pass by a used books store if I have a couple of dollars in my pocket.
    So bravo on this choice!

    And there is no way this one can be confused for a V8 powered strap on dildo either.

  5. Avatar Randy says:

    I just found one in a field, gave the lady ten bucks.. Any sites about them?

  6. Avatar Bill says:

    Is there a web site to find info on internation metro mite vans ?

  7. Avatar virtual says:

    I have a 1959 Metro Mite for sale. It too has the 50 hp ,BMC B-Series british engine, and gets approx 28 miles per gallon! Here is a web page about the engine Anyone interested please e-mail me regarding condition specifics, photos and price.

    virtualbud at hotmail dot com

  8. Avatar George says:

    I have a 1956 Metro Lite it is all aluminum and I’m selling it

  9. Avatar Erik says:

    Hi George, I’m looking for a IH Metro. Prefer late ’50’s/early ’60’s model. Is yours still for sale? Please let me know (+pics?), flippererik at yahoo dot com.

  10. Avatar Susan says:

    I had one of these in the 70’s and I would love to get another one someday. I drove it to college from New England through Maryland and out to Missouri and camped with my room-mate. Some wonderful memories. I had to leave it behind when I got married but it was by far my favorite vehicle.

  11. Avatar Tim says:

    I have a 1968 International Harvester Metro Mite. It runs great! I just had the transmission rebuilt and new tires put on it. If anyone is interested in it then please email me at

  12. Avatar Christine says:

    I have a 1961 International Harvester something that looks a lot like that with RV conversion inside. I live in Venice, CA, and may be interested in selling it soon. E-mail: Runemasque at hotmail dot com

  13. Avatar will says:

    If their is anyone with a old box type truck that I can use for a ice cream truck please email me . I live in phx az

  14. Avatar cheryl says:

    I have my dads 1963 international metro that he bought in 1966 and was his prize possesions it is a 4 cylinder and we have had it the family since 1966 and it was rare then

  15. Avatar sean stevens says:

    i have a ’66 I.H. metro mite that was once a postal vehicle. it has factory R.H. drive and a 220c.i. 6 cyl.
    i have it on craigslist for $300 in S.F. bay area but i live in chico, ca. I wanted to keep it and do it up, but i have too much going on…i’d love to find it a home.

  16. Avatar Richard Foisel says:

    I had a Green one That was stolen in California,
    The thing I was going to do? Put Schout axles under it, make a 4×4 ambulance out of it, for millita service.

  17. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    If society is broken down to the point of Militia, an ambulance would be a one way ride anyway. Medical care depends on an intact societyi.
    Alternately, a modern ambulance is a rolling emergency room. If society has gone to hell that thoroughly, one would be a lot easier to obtain, ready made, than putting one together.
    “buying” one would be a “real steal” and since the service would be rationed way down, like available only to Government officials or Government Unofficials (The Koch Brothers and their Koch-licking sycophants for instance) it would be a valued prize, and morally tenable.

  18. Avatar sergio says:

    I have a 1966 international metro m 800 with 220 that run good i need a flywheel or ring gear i have the old one need it fixed help me anyone .602 487 8322 sergio

  19. Avatar Gary says:

    I have allot of 1960 Metro Mite parts for sale. Steering colume, box & wheel
    Gas tank
    Side glass

    Gary 763-434-3705 in MN.

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