Reframing Iraq War My Bad

Bill Clinton, speaking in support of Neocon Democrat Joe Lieberman, attempted to bridge the gap by saying, “It doesn’t matter whether one supported the Iraq war or not, the question is what do we do now?”

We’re hearing that kind of talk all the time. The Iraq War as fiasco. The Iraq War as terribly expensive burden on our economy. Ouch, misstep, spilt milk, important thing now is to pull together.

Are we going to let the media reframe it IRAQ WAR BAD CALL?

How about the Iraq War, CAUSE OF 250,000 IRAQI LIVES, almost all civilian, half of them children? How’s that for re-reframing?

It’s not the Iraq War error accomplit, it’s 250, ooo innocent deaths later -now where do we go from here?

It’s not Iraq War My Bad, it’s Iraq War 250,000 Dead Oh Dear God We Are So SO SO Sorry.

3 thoughts on “Reframing Iraq War My Bad

  1. Is it really necessary for US to invade Iraq causing so much bloodshed and killing? Innocent young children blown to pieces by the bombing and so many left to continue their journey either paralysed or limping or torn. What has the American president gained by causing so much bloodshed? The country which was under the leadership of Sadamm was definitely corrupt, but the terror of life was not so drastic and people could live secure. The money spent on the war and the soldiers who are victims of the terror attack can only make people think if all this was justified. Was the Agenda of Bush to bring back peace to the people of Iraq and give a nation devoid of terror or was there an ulterior motive behind the whole episode? God save the soldiers in Iraq

  2. You guys talk about bring our boys home. Most of our soldiers want to stay and fight! Most of them have reinlisted. My friend Jason spent 3 years in the heavy armored division. He wanted to stay in Iraq and fight but because of his leg he can’t. He told me everyone he knew wants to finish the fight.

    I hear you guys talking about letting our troops go home. But you must not understand the minute you turn your back in a fight to the death…… you die! Which is what will happen if we try to leave. They’re going to hit us with everything they have left as we leave there country.

    You think the casualties are bad now? See what happens when you try to take our soldiers back. They’re going to get slaughtered! Just like veitnam! The Korean war!!!!! Except our death toll was ten times higher! On a daily bases!

    Everyone helping the anti war cause need to be slapped! How do you think our troops feel looking back and having every anti-war activist spitting on their efforts! Their comrades efforts that died during the war!

    The owner or writer of this site talks about how it’s for money. On a certain level it is! How about the fact that we could stop the price godging of the world!!!!!!! Stop the 3 or 7 dallors a gallon for gas! WHAT ABOUT THAT! DID YOU THINK ABOUT THAT!

    Or that fact that these terroriest could be stopped! HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN THE VIDEOS OFF THEM EXICUTING OUR TROOPS OR PEOPLE! GO watch the vids of them killing citizens! RANDOM ONES! Not soldiers! Not political targets! Just anyone they get there hands on.

    I watched the vid in horror as they took a 3 inch hand saw and decapitated some poor kid. He was probiblly 19! Are you telling me his death is meaning less? There is no point in stopping people that for political gain attack towns, women, children, old people, and then military targets?

    What the fuck is wrong with all of you!?!?!? You guys are as much of a traitor as Clinton!

  3. Your argument reminds me of a bully who’s afraid to get off the kid he’s sitting on for fear that the kid will strike back.

    Well, I’d say we’ll get what we have coming to us.

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