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Need another reason to boycott 900 lb bully Amazon? Censoring Wikileaks

Amazon booted Wikileaks from its cloud server service, at the behest of Zionist warmonger Joe Lieberman. Twittered Wikileaks in response: “If Amazon are so uncomfortable with the first amendment, they should get out of the business of selling books.” The … Continue reading

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Tailgunner Joe: health care not for you

Should a television cameraman get photo credit for a studio image? Can NBC copyright what represents a national address in a neo-public forum? I think not.   Joe Lieberman reminds me of dogged namesake un-American. What more proof do our … Continue reading

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Immigrant Jewish State Foreign Minister rejects ‘Right of Return’

The Far Right Jewish State Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, is on a charm patrol in Europe right now, where his job is to try to convince Europeans that he is not Israel’s equivalent of Dick Cheney. It is doubtful that … Continue reading

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New York man to get up to 15 years jail for exercising free speech in the United States

Have you ever listened to or seen Almanar tv? Check it out for 5-10 minutes and hear some news, some music, some soap operas. Almanar Tv Sure it’s in Arabic, but at least it’s not NPR, PBS, Fox, or any … Continue reading

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What Joe Lieberman says about Obama’s ‘new’ regime?

Obama Wants Lieberman To Remain In Democratic Caucus The Huffington Post frames their thoughts along the lines of whether to have Lieberman ‘punished’ or not? But that is wrong. The real question is whether the 2 parties will have any … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Church Lady for President!

I may be too impressionable, but I’ve warmed up to Sarah Palin. For President! The American two-party delusion needs a coup-de-grace, and doesn’t Palin have just authenticity enough to pull the trigger? Assail this logic if you can. The Democratic … Continue reading

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McCain Lieberman vs. Obama Clinton

What are Vegas bookmakers giving for odds? Check Sportsbook, Bodog, Sportsbetting, Gamblers Palace, and Bet Us.

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A slight yet lovely jest…

Bush, Karl Rove and Joe Liebermann were in a National Guard helicopter surveying the disaster scene after Katrina… Bush says “You know, if I dropped a thousand dollar bill out the window, I bet I would make one American really … Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman and Jesse James

One of my favorite poems by Richard Brautigan ends thus “My teachers could easily have ridden with Jesse James for all the time they stole from me.”   I feel the same way about people who exert their authority to … Continue reading

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