Candidate Ritter as opposed to Bush

Bush was coming to Denver. Friends of mine were driving up to be part of the welcome.

The same day I received an email from the Ritter for Governor campaign. Bush was coming to Denver, we need your support! What’s this? Bill Ritter interested in greeting the President? Rebutting his policies? Joining the protest of GW’s visit?

No. Bush will be raising money for the opposition, the email read, please help us raise a proportunate amount.

Silly Democrats, politics are not for kids. You can’t merely ask for support without offering to do anything for it.

Genteel protest

To try to speak against the war, you’re accused of being too political. Yet neither party wants to be antiwar. How then is the issue of war too political?

1 thought on “Candidate Ritter as opposed to Bush

  1. What I found interesting, is how both the Denver papers and also the Gazette kept quiet about his visit. They protected the president of the United States from demonstrations by not mentioning where he would be, and when he would be here. His visit was virtually in secret, and as a result, there was no major demonstration against the war, nor against Bush’s open advocacy of using torture against POWs, thanks to the Colorado press.

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