Cheerleaders in handcuffs

Today’s Tuesday edition of The Gazette carried an article whitewashing the Air Force Academy security forces misconduct concerning their treatment of three highschool cheerleaders at an October 13 football game. The supposed crime of the 3 girls was that they had covered over the first 5 letters of ‘Douglass Valley’ to have it read ‘Ass Valley’! For this, they were arrested by officers in 4 squad cars in the parking lot as fans arrived, and hauled away in handcuffs. Can you imagine the gall? This is a military academy that has received international attention for its policy of ignoring and tolerating sexual harrassment and religious harrassment on its grounds amongst cadets. Yet it saw itself correct in flying off ballistic at a most innocent prank by 3 teenagers. What’s with this epidemic of national stormtrooper mentality?

This was an even worse reaction than when the FBI showed up to terrorize the California 14 year older who had put the words ‘Kill Bush’ on her MyPlace site. At least they didn’t haul her away to jail for that, and rightly so. Yet here in CS we see this mindset of total over reaction done, and then justified! The Air Force Academy whitewashed itself by simply having the neighboring Peterson Air Force base review its actions! And surprise, the supposedly ‘independent review’ said that the Air Force Academy had not acted harshly enough. Just incredible! Unbelieveable! It is hard to imagine that this is the caliber of leadership running our American military today.

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