The Colorado Springs anti-antiwar list

Trying to cajole community leaders into putting their weight in support of a couple progressive causes, it had been recommended to me not to address the small matter of the war. Fair enough, with consensus-building comes compromise.
So next up however for Colorado Springs: an ANTI-ANTIWAR list. You want to avoid taking a stand on the war, fair enough, let’s put it on record. Are you against the illegal war in Iraq? Yes or no. Taking no position is the same as no.

We’ll figure out where to publish this list, but we’ll begin taking names immediately. It may be divisive, but what need do we have for people who will not take a stand? Let’s now separate the wheat from the weak-minded, and move forward knowing who stands for righteousness. You don’t have to march, you don’t have to speak out. Merely for the record, speak now. Guilty or not-guilty?

Resolved: the war in Iraq is an illegal act, a crime against humanity, and must be stopped.

Those in favor: World Tribunals, etc, etc.

Those opposed: your name, etc, etc.

Justice is not decided by democracy. An illegal, immoral war is not made right because the values of a population have degenerated to not knowing right from wrong.

No-one is suggesting that you won’t have your day in court. Even a serial killer gets his day in court. But before that point, the serial killer must be apprehended. While the rampage continues, someone has to decide that the killing is wrong and must be stopped.

Who is doing the killing in Iraq? With whose consent?

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