The Deep End of the Gene Pool

Marie Walden in feathers 
Marie’s got her own venue. Check it out!
It’s The Deep End of the Gene Pool.
I’m very sorry to see her go, she lent us a simply brilliant and self-effacing quality which this forum otherwise lacks in spades.

1 thought on “The Deep End of the Gene Pool

  1. Thank you, Eric, for the kind words! I’ll miss you guys, too. You’ve taught me plenty of things about which I knew nothing. Not hard to do!

    I’m excited to start a blog that includes my family members. I come from a family of six children, all (except perhaps me) exceptional and brilliant. Between us we have 17 children, some of whom are beginning to develop an interest in and a talent for writing.

    We also have a lovely mom and dad, lots of bright aunts, uncles, cousins. It’s my hope that we can blog as a family, no rules, lots of fiery banter, tons of fun.

    If they won’t play the game I’m setting up, then it will just be more of me, bemoaning my chin hairs, bucking control wherever I see it.

    No matter what. I hope a few of you come along with me. Write with me if you’d like. Give me your feedback. I’m open to possibilties!

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