Waterboarding not dunking

Click here to see the actual waterboardVice-president Cheney has just explicitly admitted that US interrogators use waterboarding as a method of interrogation. The decision to use it is a “no brainer” Cheney says, it’s not torture, referring to the practice as more like dunking.

Probably we all conjure images of the wooden see-saw at the water’s edge, where the Puritans sought confessions from witches. Others I guess envision the dunking booth at the school fair.

Neither would be correct. David Corn features an updated description of waterboarding, sent him from Jonah Blank, a former senior editor of US News and World Report. Blank attached pictures from the Tuol Sleng Prison in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, now a museum commemorating the Khymer Rouge attrocities. It’s the former site of a notorious torture facility. Of the many torture methods used by the Khymer Rouge, only two instruments are diplayed to represent the worst. Both involve water torture. One of them is the waterboard.

Water torture goes way back, and Dick Cheney of Halliburton and of the USofA are upholding its fine tradition.

2 thoughts on “Waterboarding not dunking

  1. It is sadly laughable almost, to watch how the Bushites have tripped incompetently over themselves on this issue. They are for waterboarding and other totures, yet they are not, at one and the same time! Speaking of ‘forked tongues’!

    And as usual, the Democratic Party bigwigs imitate the ‘forked tongue’ corruption and incompetence of the Bush crowd. What is the value of having Democrats like Senator Salazar in office? And let’s be real. Salazar is the rule, and not the exception here.

  2. Tony,
    I have been surprised to meet local Democrats who didn’t know Salazar has been off campaigning for Lieberman. You’re right, they are the rule. Entrenched power.

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