A real traffic decongestant

Heard about the 24 West project? They are literally building not only a house but a whole apartment city on that toxic waste dump in the west side here.
But what of these narrow west side roads, how o how are these new residents going to drive their Hummers and such en masse every morning to their Very Important Jobs in the city each morning? Widen 24! Take out Vermijo street, nobody but trash hippies live there anyways, right, the bicycle trail will have to go, or be moved, bye bye greenspace. The creek will have to be re-routed, all at taxpayer expense.

The widening of the road, without this added bullpoopoo, will cost 250,000,000 dollars count the zeroes that’s right a quarter of a Billion smackeroos and that’s just the down payment.

Now, where does this road widening end up at? Manitou, at the corner of 24 and 24, where the Sinclair station is. You know the one, has a big plastic dinosaur, right in front of the BUS STOP?
I don’t know exactly how much a city bus costs to buy and even operate for a few years. But I would just bet that it ain’t nearly a million bucks a pop, so why not buy a hundred new busses and put them to work?

Extend the bus line out to Divide or Florissant, take some of the REAL traffic off the interstate part? The savings in emergency vehicle, hospital, wrecked vehicle towing and not to mention petroleum products being ripped from the ground and put into the air, would be huge, even if they let the people ride free.

Ok ok i got that last part wrong ESPECIALLY if they let the people ride free. But that would be Communism, wouldn’t it.

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