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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!

Trump almost apologized, blames empeachment,

The ‘phoney ‘ impeachment was real, but the Republican prosecutors, appointed by Trump,Republican judges and Republican Senators and enough Republican Congressmen who all chose Party over Country, abetted by Republican propaganda at FOX News, and even after the Dictator in Thief had Matt Schlapp threaten Republicans who didn’t sell their souls entirely to Trump.. Notable was Schlapp threatened UberKapitalist Mitt Romney.

It’s a dark reflection of the Gestapo courts, where the accused would have a PHONY trial, with a Gestapo attorney a Gestapo prosecutor and decided by a Gestapo judge.
“Legal” in the lowest degree. Donald knows that as his father was a racist supremacist elitist StormTrooper.

Whose picture is on the 1,000,000,000,000 bill?

Donald Fuck. Only it’s the wrong type of bill, like the time you went to a fancy restaurant with your wife and kids and maybe your siblings, and the waiter brings you a bill that’s somewhere around a thousand bucks but you left your wallet home…

yeah, THAT kind of bill. Now The Great Budget Slasher had a budget around a trillion and I have to remind people that a thousand X a thousand is a million and a million X a million is a Trillion. In hippy parlance is is expressed as “Dude, that’s a lot of bread!”

but the budget, historically somewhere in the red at every quarter… it had an almost reasonably recognized amount of bread. A little bit beyond half the estimate from the previous fiscal cycle.

And the Wall Street thieves pissed and moaned and breast-beating and dire predictions of the End Time and they’ll be moving their ill-gotten money offshore.

But this Trillion dollar $1,000,000,000,000 TeraBux actually is entirely unfunded.

but the same low-life 1% also bitched about (still do) how the dollar bill is an IOU and says so.

we are screwed.

CSPD To investigate 10 Sheriffs deputies who beat unarmed shackled prisoner to death so you know that means…

it means the pigs are going to get away it , again.

and ten PIGS to beat down a Real Man who is unarmed and shackled. What wondrous heroes they are… And our beloved Klangaroo Kourts will quickly get these heroes back on the take err beat, yeah.. that’s the ticket… beat 10 against one again.

all you republiklan cops and cop suckers can talk as much as you want, YOU have free speech, but you sure do beat down anybody who talks back to YOU and usually only 4 PIGS if the the victim is shackled, you have 3 PIGS holding him so you can kick him in the face. Like your mommas taught you that.

Ten pig coward asswipes to beat down 1 shackled prisoners… fuck yeah I repeated myself. You gestapo bitches repeat yourselves… same thing every god-damn time, shackle a prison and beat him down, by multiple pigs, and you get videos of it, give copies of your ‘victory’ so you can jack each off to it, it’s what sadistic pukes to

make you horny. Just like your mommas.

After Hitle… oh, I mean Trump incited a riot where he told the Neo-Brownshirts to kill Americans in America…

in short, Trump is claiming Imperial Privilege and his Fascist Goons aka RepubliKlan Cartel. The ‘president’ incited a riot in Virginia this past weekend, telling them to kill Americans in America. That’s Treason and Sedition and if McConnell and Trump wish to contest that the traitors can post a warrant.

Stephen Miller Echoes White Nationalists In Leaked Anti-DACA Emails

so since do the Nazis a ‘secret’ agenda?
Miller organized the Nazi march in Charlottesville VA to demand that everybody in America must worship (with our taxes) the Civil War statues of murderous racist fucks as (especially) Nathan Bedford-Forrest who had 300 U.S. soldiers murdered and not one of his ‘men’ was prosecuted. As it was so it still is. Miller and murderer James Fields were only ‘following orders’. Ordered by a hidden entity even Chump fears, no doubt, because he ‘didn’t order the hits’ and he ‘doesn’t know who did’.

Meanwhile, the gaggle of goose stepping Republiklan preachers in the Senate have proclaimed a month after the El Paso Walmart Massacre 4 times announced Trump is the Messiah. So one more announcement of Biblical magnitude… one of the Demon Spawn relatives of the long-dead Shah of Persia is claiming the throne of Iran… just another Hereditary Dictatorship Trump and his minions, Like Miller, are trying to make it happen. And establish a Trump Dynasty in Murka. those there Right Wingers love them some Hereditary Dictatorship

Canadian firm said ‘livid’ over Trump’s fascist attacks.

love the sentiment but livor is something you only experience after death.
Trump gladly boasts of his many felonies but hasn’t brought any such attacks on the part of Iran The Iranians detained ”hostages” but the U.S. jailed thousands of foreigners and when, at two being diagnosed very ill the Iranians released to the US. How many American dungeons psychotic jailers ever doing that even for American citizens. Who’s the savages now/then?

‘revenge’ for WHAT?

Before my misguided stint in the Air Force ‘National Lampoon’ had a ‘revenge’ issue and on the cover showed a stereotyped Saudi being punched in the face. And the revenge was all about the Gulf kingdoms (and Mexico, and Cuba and Venezuela and a bunch of other petroleum sources) having control of their prices for their product. It’s like going into King Soopers with a gun and demanding the Kroger Cartel to give you the food at a price you like. And instead of going to a different store you start and maintain threaten the management and other customers until they ‘see things your way’. And one of the ‘revenge’ tactic was …What if our navy ahem… ‘deserted’ and ‘stole the ships’ and took up piracy. They posited ‘It wouldn’t be OUR fault if those bad men became the terror of the waves, now, would they?’ and pointed out that Queen Elizabeth the first did exactly that. And Episcopalians revere her as a protestant saint. And she had a whole lot of English people including her family KILLED because they had more claim to the throne. Not that I give 2 shits about hereditary dictators. ‘strange ladies lying in puddles distributing swords is no basis for kingship. if if I went about saying I was an emperor because a moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away! Say I was a loon!’ (one of my favorite quotes)

But back to the real absurdity and silliness, other than the Lampoon was advocating mass murder, there was a picture of a submarine displaying a Jolly Roger and the caption ‘yo ho ho and 3 dollars a barrel for Arabian Crude!’

Jimmy Carter refrained from threatening sovereign nations nor did he advocate killing people nor taking property of other people nor did he have himself the emperor of all the world.

That’s what Republicans do. That’s why he didn’t get re-elected. An Electoral College ‘win’ for Reagan because there were enough murderous a$$wipes.

commander in thief wants to pardon himself by murdering allies

Trump the Draft Dodger wasn’t brave enough to fight so he had his minions do it for him. The military which invited to join right out of a Private ‘military’ Snob Factory academy just like his slumlord thief daddy and he, like Linsey Graham, dodged the draft. He is guilty of Murder and Treason and so is every one of you Skinhead Klan Fourth Reich cowards who supports him. You have blood on your hands. You have been guilty of the murders from the beginning, the StormFront and InfoWars wired up Adam Purington and the Church and Synagogue burners and bombers and gun “men” and the murders of children the immigration Concentration camps and the Walmart in El Paso. The so-called “angel moms” don’t protest anybody over any murder committed by Trump and his equally racist minions. he never fought just as he never work. Typical 1%. And miraculously in the middle of impeachment he has to bomb Iraq which is supposedly an “independent” nation supposedly “liberated” by the soldiers he’s sending back into hell. To hide his OTHER felonies. Ain’t working…

M.I.C., Wall St. :Boeing space plane in trouble

My grandfather was an engineer (normally would have been a commissioned officer but he was a sergeant…) on the U.S. team working on rocketry with the von Braun team at Taiwan, Austria, White Sands, Aberdeen, a bunch of completely classified, the last was in Germany with no dependents allowed… 1966-67 and while he never blabbed, but a couple of his comrades at the VFW who should have to shut the h3// up but didn’t… the gist of it was and is the Soviet program steadily beat our collect hindquarters on a regular schedule up to and beyond the moon landings. Because they at the time neither parties could find water on the moon. You won’t get any of this in junior high school… but the landers wasn’t the focus. Going down, that is. The important experiment was and still is that you can with a minimal energy from the moon to lunar orbit, slingshot to Earth orbit and land (on water) the equivalent of 10 nuclear ‘devices’ landing exactly where and when predicted. To put a missile base would have and now might be, easy-peasy. But the precious O2 which we all need and love needs water, as there is no air.

Scientific American magazine (1983) confirmed that but just a little sidewise, putting the targeting the minerals on the moon as the designated mission. Do any readers serial believe that the belligerent parties have given away their wet-dreams of total domination by putting a Russian, Pentagon, China, India, Pakistan, the list grows steadily? Setbacks and lost test pilots be da..ned and Boeing, a huge Military-Industry Complex veteran, do you really think they’ll stop with such a project? A 250,000 distant from any group could just attack it? Really? When whatever vehicle would be seen from the moon during the entire 3 days to get there? Yeah, right.

On impeachment day, Trump says he can’t believe it’s happening

He says we should say a prayer for him…

War and Peace, the novel, has an aristocrat lieutenant in one of the many wars of the Tsar(s) and had been for months being the darling of St Petersburg, is finally at war, and he in his shock he exclaims “Why, they’re shooting at me! Me who everybody loves!”

Suck it, Chump. Your Silver Spoon Trust Fund your coward draft dodger slumlord daddy and all of the derivatives, well, Trumpty Frumpty, all the kings horses and all the kings men well. …you know the rest.

You gave the green light for the murders of 24 people in El Paso, and the children dying in your concentration camps, the murders at the Tree of Life Synagogue … What goes around comes back again and you get no sympathy or pity. Say a prayer to your god satan.

this will be published other places as well. Get used to it.

For every shlemiel there’s a schlemazel

and every tyrant has the proletariat.But the victims often stop obeying and instead hang the dictator and his ministers. There are no longer telegraph poles but there are a few trees around. Or so it’s said. Think of that when the natural slaves tell us in the most pious oratory that the rest of us must allow the murders, thefts and other unrighteousness under the doctrine of “respect his office” like you do when lynch uniformed scum such as Arpaio and Maketa and Elder and their henchmen… They’re murderers at least by proxy, like Trump. And the presidents who spoke great pompous swelling words of equality and liberty …Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Tyler, Andrew Jackson,James K. Polk, Zachary Taylor, George Washington, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, Andrew Johnson…but only for ‘whites’ and not all or even most of them… and the slaughter of Native GOD-DAMN AMERICANS … none of those mentioned kept the promises to the tribes… yeah, let’s worship them and ‘their office’ …and how many of you loudmouth skinhead hate-mongers gave that level of ‘respect for the office’ to Carter or Clinton or Obama?

…yeah, that’s what I suspected

absurd fascist fantasies

They for instance during the 2000 election had tee shirts with a picture of Ronald Reagan, John Wayne and George W Bush wearing cowboy clothes and the caption ‘my heroes have always been cowboys.’ But none of them were ever cowboys. Or real soldiers. OK Bush DID join the Air National Guard, weekend warrior… and he deserted from that.

then their weird hangup about a little girl in England who retrieved a sword out of a pond. My take on it, since it was of recent make, like maybe ten years… so it could not possible be Excalibur by 1500 years… oh, did I not point out these goofballs actually believe that it’s real and that the sword Excalibur could only be wielded by the True King of England… cue the funny part via Monty Python Players… ‘Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government…. ‘

which moves into equally silly National Enquirer ‘news paper’ as they predict the Queen of England was at death’s door for the past 30 years and she’s banish this or that member of her family and which heir would be crowned by her which is bullshit.

Parliament chooses the next monarch. Since George the first who was least obnoxious of the English court. Least likely to burn Britain into a new Stone Age. Back to the gibberish they spew about Wayne, Reagan and Bush being some sort of heroic figures.

It is, sadly, their perception, their ethic, the crap they teach their kids… Oh, the Enquirer is one of Trump’s investments.

quiet religious women supposedly will bring back the GOOPers

…meaning abused and probably were molested… Russian mail order brides (remember Trump campaigning for deporting people who got citizenship by marriage… it’s so vivid, like it was just yester… oh.. that’s right, it WAS just yesterday) and birthright… like Trump himself has that.. but he’s not a bigot or hypocrite even though he surrounds himself with Nazis. But let’s focus on the women again. Sarah Huckabee Sanders… sold by her father Huckabee, reactionary racist punk ‘preacher’… to another carbon copy (kids, you have to look that up) Sanders who sold her to Trump. We have a post from long ago about The Chastity Ball, where men pledge to guard their daughters at sword-point. Very much like marriage. Creepy, yeah? The sword is an obvious metaphor for a penis. By the way it’s in the Bible. Abraham gave his wife to an Egyptian ruler to save his own life And Abram journeyed, going on still toward the south.

10 And there was a famine in the land: and Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there; for the famine was grievous in the land.

11 And it came to pass, when he was come near to enter into Egypt, that he said unto Sarai his wife, Behold now, I know that thou art a fair woman to look upon:

12 Therefore it shall come to pass, when the Egyptians shall see thee, that they shall say, This is his wife: and they will kill me, but they will save thee alive.

13 Say, I pray thee, thou art my sister: that it may be well with me for thy sake; and my soul shall live because of thee. 12 Genesis and 16:3 And Sarai Abram’s wife took Hagar her maid the Egyptian, after Abram had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan, and gave her to her husband Abram to be his wife. Women as property. Like a wedding now, ‘who gives the hand of this woman in wedlock?’ It gets worse. Leads up to a place where a certain president has owned 3 women by marriage, boasts of grabbing the pussies of his statutorial employees. Romantic loving foreplay…Do you believe he actually allowed to resist? Because I sure as hell he didn’t. Did he ever stop? Wanna bet?

Back to Sarah Suckabee … her Master told her to tell us that we must obey him and that God told her to say it. I think a God who had the resources and power and technology that He could tell everybody all at one time.The baddest stereo system ever.

I suspect Donald’s disciples will cling to his bullshit and declare the vast majority are wrong and even satanic.

Stable Genius crashed capitalism and said we must vote for him

… or he won’t be able to fix it

…barring impeachment, forced out of office and probably jailed after near 3 years he’ll have one more year to ‘fix’ the damaged economy. And it’s beyond his capacity.

Let us ponder his record… the workers he had build “his” projects, and of the financial sponsors he so generously and no doubt modestly took the credit and left the workers, financiers (including the U.S. Treasury) and buyers and suppliers with bereft of the work and money they were due…

so they took (take) legal actions to hope to get some of their wages after sometimes decades of him avoiding to pay up. He bitched about being sued so often and pouts like a toddler that the Treasury doesn’t lend him money without interest. And the only sincere and honest words he has ever said is that he believes he has the divine right to all of it.

Biggest Badass Black Friday in history and the markets are tanking.

got it off yahoo finance, fresh from the fire. Maybe Jared Kuchner (or however he spells his last name) can accidentally fall off the top of 666 Park Ave and if he lands on any of the Trump Klan it’s 50 bonus points Did you know, the entire ‘family’ have . THE maximum Security Clearance?
So did and probably still does Sebastian ‘the chimp’ Gorka, who is a Neo Nazi who has an Intepol warrant in Hungary..
So does Jared.

Remember when Jimmy Carter gave that clearance to Amy, Billy, Rosalyn, the Pastor of the third baptist church of Plains GA? Neither do I…

Chump and his son-in-law are trying their worth to rearrange the global economy to their private profit. Happy Holidays.

ICE and Rhode Island cops deliberately injured civilians in legitimate protest

Because freedom of assembly, faith or speech is not “rights” if the PIGS deem it not so. Alles sieg heil am der Amerikanischt 4th Reich! Alles sieg heil am der Gestapo! Alles sieg am der UberFuhrer Dumb Donald!

The Dotard in Thief ordered the ICE attack to distract attention away from the massacre he ordained in El Paso, where his minion killed 15 U.S. citizens and 7 Mexican citizens and exactly NONE were in the U.S. illegally. All y’all pig-loving back-the-badge fake patriot white supremacist racist cowards can just line up and take turns helping yourselves to a Texas-size all-you-can-eat buffet of KISS MY LIBERAL ASS!

more epstein

so he wasn’t even convicted? According to Anglo-American laws he’s innocent. Why was it that Mr Trump didn’t have a monster tantrum BEFORE Epstein died? Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Everybody who has even spoke to Trump MUST be investigated no matter when or on what was said…

It’s for the good of everyone.

(another) Norway mosque “terror attack” suspect remanded in custody

so why would the “terror attack” label be in “parenthesis”, does the “author” or “editor” not “believe” that the actual very real terrorism is in fact terrorism. Breivik at least didn’t try to be Christian in any way. The Klan, our own home-made terrorists who can come and go at the White House with Donald Chump’s blessings… use the name Christian to deceive the weak-minded.

Epstein again

So why didn’t Barr be so diligent about the Concentration Camp kids dying, (and they still are) as he does Epstein? Does one have to be a Rich White Man to be important to Trump and his legion of skunks, weasels and vile serpents (like Barr)? Seems to me it’s an advanced case of All are Equal… but some are more equal than others… The W.H.I.P. principle… Wealth Hath Its Privileges.. (or white hath its privileges)
one dead rich white boy is somehow worth more than 34 people shot down on Trumps orders.