Be mindful of little wizards

ericover.jpgMethinks he doth protest too much. It seems that my two Harry Potter-loving bottom dwellers have little trouble making short work of this fire-breathing dragon.

1 thought on “Be mindful of little wizards

  1. Protest too much? Protesteth not enough! It turns out my own store has been selling the new Harry Potter book and we’ve just reordered more. It’s one thing to stock used copies of shlock, quite another to suck new copies from the source. Yuck.

    On the lighter side, I learned a competitor has wound up with loads of excess copies, the same competitor who refused to sell Mike Jones’ tell-all memoir on account of it being “badly written.” Isn’t that poetic justice? They contradicted their self imposed standard to sell Rowling’s bad writing so I’m amused it didn’t work for them.

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